Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Day in Spring

This morning I woke up to the wonderful alert on my phone that classes were cancelled today due to inclement weather.  What a great way to start the week! I am more than ready for warmer weather, but I  don't mind a day off from classes.  I am hoping that this is the tail end of winter weather.  

So What am I going to do on my day off...

It is so tempting just to curl up in a blanket with some hot tea and watch netflix all day.  Last night I started watching the show Greek again, I'm currently on episode nine.  However, in the next three weeks I have a significant amount of work to do so that probably would not be the best idea.  I think I am going to get one of my papers done, do some reading for my Psychology class, and meet with the members of my group for a group project that is due Thursday.  Then I will reward myself for being productive by watching Greek and relaxing. 

But before I do that I am going to spend some time reading some blogs because I haven't done that in awhile.  Looking at other people's blogs helps give me inspiration and ideas on what I can improve in my blog.

There is a possibility I might post more than once today.

so ta ta for now


  1. I wish they would give me a day off when it snows :-) I'm happy you had the chance to relax!
    Love, Coco

  2. Hope you had a good snow day! Oh Greek (the reason I wanted to go Greek back in high school!) I can honestly say that show made me want to join a sorority. Last year my boyfriend and I rewatched this whole series and had so much fun. Such a good funny tv show that doesn't look down on Greek life. :)

    The Plaid Princess