Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Be Back Soon

As you know, I started my Junior year of college four weeks ago.  September is flying by and I cannot believe that next week is our last full week of September.  I'm enjoying school so much more this semester than I have in the past few semesters.  I have gotten involved in several organizations on campus, which has been great. The past few weeks and this week are prime sorority recruitment weeks where I go to school.  I came home to Alpha Delta Pi last September and since then I've gotten incredibly involved with my sorority.  I will be too busy the rest of the week with recruitment, studying, and coaching to write any posts.  This makes me really sad, but I would rather not post than write a short low quality post.

In the mean time I thought I would leave y'all with a few words of wisdom to get you through the week and a few pictures from recruitment day one!

Have a fantastic week, and I'll be back in the blog world in one week!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 Things I Love at J.Crew Right Now

J.Crew continues to kill it season after season, as far as I'm concerned.  They always have a variety of looks from dressy to casual that can fit into anyone's wardrobe.  Many of their pieces can be worn multiple ways to give each of them a different look.  Like many seasons before, I am loving their Fall 2014 collection.  There are so many wonderful pieces, but today I'm only going to share my top ten.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Recruitment Tips

Deciding to go greek has taken my college experience in a different direction than I imagined it going.  Choosing to go greek was not an easy choice for me. I was actually against it for awhile.  I only chose to go through the recruitment process because I needed to step outside of my comfort zone and get more involved. The recruitment process can be very overwhelming, especially if you don't know anyone else going through it.  Last year I did a ton of research to know what to expect, what to wear, and to just understand some of the terminology used during the whole process.  Below are some links to websites with tips. Most of the websites I used, or would reference if I was going through recruitment this Fall.  
I hope you enjoy the websites as much as I did!

The Dos and Don'ts

Recruitment Tips

Good luck to everyone who is going through the recruitment process this Fall!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Daily Affirmation

Mondays can be tough, especially after having a few days off even if it's just the usual weekend days.  Mondays always mean back to reality whether it's a job or school, most people have a reason for disliking Mondays.  My reason is usually because I didn't get everything done that I had hoped to the previous two days.  

During the summer I stumbled across a video titled "Jessica's Daily Affirmation".  While this video is absolutely adorable, I think there is definitely a message that everyone can take away from the clip.  More times than not we look at ourselves in the mirror and have a negative remark more than we do a positive one... by no means is this okay.  
For some reason on Mondays I just need an extra reminder of why I'm up and about to conquer the day.  No matter what day of the week it is take the time to look yourself in the mirror and say three positive things about yourself.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Five: Weekend Inspiration

Today marks the conclusion of my second week of classes.  I have a feeling this semester is going to fly by!  Today's friday five is a little inspiration to pick your spirits up this weekend.  I'll be spending my weekend attending recruitment prep workshops with my chapter.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Transfer Diaries: Change for the Better

This time last year I was in a completely different state of happiness than the one I have to this day.  A year ago, I was in the midst of my first week of classes, at the university I transferred to, feeling a whole mixed bag of emotions. I was pretty miserable and I'm so appreciative to those who are close to me for helping me through this little rough patch.  I was feeling overwhelmed going from a school with 1,500 students to 15,000.  I felt very lonely like I didn't belong anywhere.  I did not love the school nor my classes. I was not playing field hockey for the first time in eight years.  I was missing my friends and team at my previous college.  I was watching all of my friends have a blast at all of their colleges and was feeling frustrated that I just didn't share that same feeling. Overall it just was not a good time for me.  I guess you could say I don't deal well with change.

My mom knew how I was feeling and encouraged me to attend my school's involvement fair.  Taking her advice I walked to "the quad" and was overwhelmed by the number of people and clubs that were all there.  I quickly walked through but didn't find anything of interest, my anxiety was at a high.
Later on in the semester I joined a few clubs, got more involved, and met more people.  

Fast forward one year, I'm happy, have lots of friends, I'm involved, and I'm loving my classes this semester.  Today we had the involvement fair.  I actually spent several hours there- one walking around checking out all the opportunities that were there and the second hour I worked my sorority's table.  This year I felt confident walking through the crowded sidewalks. It's amazing how much a difference one year can make.  

This semester I feel much better than I did one year ago. I still don't love the school I'm at, but I'm definitely more accepting.  I feel like I belong there. I am excite to see what this year has in store for me. Transferring has definitely brought on period of change for me but I've finally accepted it and I'm ready to take on whatever comes my way.
To those of you who have transferred, I'm sure you can relate to the experiences I've had in the past year.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Soundtrack to Summer 2014

Although I've already completed one week of classes, I feel as if today is truly the last day of the summer season.  This three- four day weekend is the last time that most people go to the beach, have a BBQ, etc. Music often times reminds us of a memory. This summer I made lots of memories and this playlist reflects the melodies that went along with them ... or that I just enjoyed listening to throughout the summer of 2014.

Beachin- Jake Owen
Burnin' It Down- Jason Aldean
Bad- David Geuetta
American Kids- Kenny Chesney
Latch- Disclosure
A Sky Full of Stars- Coldplay
Drunk on a Plane- Dierks Bentley
Am I Wrong- Nico and Vinz
Trumpets- Jason Derulo
Play It Again- Luke Bryan
Come With Me Now- KONGOS
Girls Chase Boys- Ingrid Michaelson
Riptide- Vance Joy
Drunk On You- Luke Bryan
Stolen Dance- Milky Chance
Summer- Calvin Harris
Roller Coaster- Luke Bryan
Flawless- Beyonce
Wasted- Tiesto
Classic- MKTO
She Looks So Perfect- 5 Seconds to Summer

What were your favorite songs this summer?