Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Drink Your Greens

Over the course of this past year, I have discovered my love for green juices.  Initially I was hesitant to try them because ..well they are green. Once I got over the color, I realized how great they taste.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't love every single green juice.  However, must of the ones I have had are delicious.  They also have many great health benefits.

Detoxification- It flushes the toxins out of your body.

Nutritious- Your body need fruits and veggies.  Drinking them makes you feel more energized.

Tastes good

Right now my favorite green juice is Suja juice.  It is organic and contains 100% all natural ingredients.  The juice separates after sitting in the fridge, but once you give it a shake you're good to go!

Enjoy drinking your greens.


Monday, November 16, 2015

Three Weeks to Finals

Believe it or not the semester is quickly coming to an end.  It seems like just last week I was writing posts about the beginning of the school year, decorating my apartment, and navigating my first week of classes.  Next week is Thanksgiving Break and then there's only a couple more weeks left of classes and exams.  While this means we are all closer to winter break, it also means we are that much closer to the dreaded finals week.  This weekend I spent some time mapping out how I will spend the upcoming weeks preparing so that the last week of the semester isn't too awful.

Three Weeks Out:
While you may feel like you're still drowning with regular assignments, it's time to begin the preparations. In three weeks you will be embarking on Finals Week. So where to begin? Start by getting out your syllabus for all of your classes.  On a sheet of paper, write down each of your courses.  Under each course, list out all of the assignments, readings, and exams for the rest of the semester.  Next to each of these assignments place the date that they are due.  This will help you keep track. Look at your calendar and begin to figure out when you have time to get each assignment done.  I like to set tentative deadlines for myself.

Two weeks Out:
Look over your list of assignments you made during the week before.  Cross off any items you have already completed.  Check to see if you are on track to meet the deadlines you set for yourself.  Begin to make study guides for any final exams you have.  Make sure to go to the gym and eat well this week. It's important to take care of your body and mental health now so that you are entering finals week mentally and physically strong. 

One Week Out:
Make flash cards and begin studying hard for each exam you have.  Attend any review sessions that are offered.  Finish your final draft of any term papers and ask a friend of teacher to help you revise it.  It is crucial that you make the most of your "free time" this week.  If you don't, then you will be paying for it during finals week. 

Finals Week:
Put the finishing touches on your term papers and do any last minute studying. Sometimes it is helpful to meet with friends who are taking the same exam to study together.  Get some sleep, eat well, and allow for some down time. 

Good luck! You're almost done with the semester.  


Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday's Thoughts 11/7

It’s the first Friday in November! This semester each week that passes seems to go by quicker and quicker.  Last week was filled with the stress of exams and assignments, but this week has been filled with friends, laughter, studying, and a lot less worries. 

Watching. Wednesday night I finished all of my assignments and actually had some free time before bed.  This might have been the first time all semester that this happened. Anyways, I took advantage of the night by starting a new Netflix series and spending some time blogging.  The night of relaxation was much needed.  I started watching Jane the Virgin per some of my friends recommendations.  At first I did not love it, but after the first episode I began to enjoy it a little more.  This drama filled show is filled with love, humor, and a little drama. I recommend it if you’re looking for a mindless show to binge on.

Reading. This article on today’s dating culture. Thanks to my dad for sharing it with my brother and I this week. It’s an interesting read that brings up lots of interesting points.

Drinking. Juice Boxes! I’ve loved juice boxes for as long as I can remember.  I drink a ton of water, so I am always looking for something to mix it up a bit.  This week when I was food shopping I picked up a pack of juice boxes.  To have one every once in awhile is a nice treat.  The Apple and Eve ones are my favorite!

Laughing at.  This 100 years of beauty for US men video.  If you haven’t seen it, then check it out. It’s pretty cool to see how men’s hairstyles have changed over time.

Listening to. Adele’s new song Hello. This song has been on replay in my apartment all week long.  It’s amazing. If you haven’t heard it yet, then you are missing out. I cannot wait for her new album to come out.

Looking forward to. The weather being consistent again. The weather has gone from the thirties to the seventies in the past week. I’m ready to wear my fall clothes (boots, sweaters, and flannels). I’ve already put away my summer clothes, so getting dressed for this bipolar weather has been quite the challenge.

Loving. Helping the younger members of my sorority chapter embark on leadership experiences. I am nearing the end of my term as President, and our election process is beginning. This week I have held so many great conversations where I’ve helped emerging leaders create visions about what they want to within our chapter and their lives.  It is these conversations that motivate me to do the things I have done over the course of this past year.

Wanting. A day to lay in bed and do nothing all day long. This semester has been such a fun one filled with friends, Alpha Delta Pi, breaking outside of my comfort zone, making memories, and embracing everything senior year has to offer from the stressors to the laughs. I would love just one day filed with nothing I have to do (no homework, no meetings, no classes, nothing). Somehow, I don’t think this will actually happen until Winter Break.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Organized Student: Making the Most of Academic Advising

The world of college has many unique things about it.  At all universities, when you register you are assigned an academic advisor.  This advisor is usually a faculty member of the department you are studying within. Throughout the past few years I found from talking to many people that they aren't really sure what to talk to their advisor about during their mandatory advising appointment. Your advisor is supposed to serve as a resource, someone who can guide you through your college years.  He/she is there to help you with the academic struggles and personal struggles that college can bring. In today’s post you can find some helpful tips and tricks to assist you with academic advising.

Know what you advisor can and cannot help you with:

What your advisor can help you with
Be an active listener and answer any questions you may have. Sometimes during academic advising you are dealing with cross roads in your major or life, and this person is there to help guide you.

Provide you with information about your university and all of the resources that are available to you.

Guide you through the academics of college. What classes fit into your major and which ones don’t.

Help you develop goals that you can achieve during and after college.

Treat you with respect, not like a child.

What your advisor cannot help you with:

Your advisor can be there to listen, but they are not a professional counselor. They cannot provide you with professional counseling services, but they are able to provide you with the proper resources to help you deal with any issues you may be facing.

Be available only when it is convenient for you. Your advisor is a faculty member with lots of things going on. You cannot expect to demand a meeting a certain day and time.

Not be supportive. Your advisor is there to help you, not tear you down. If you are having any negative experiences with your advisor, seek out another faculty member to serve as your advisor.

Do your part to make the most of your advising experience:

Schedule meetings. Don’t force your advisor to reach out to you when your scheduling date is approaching.  Utilize your advisor, by meeting with them more than just the mandatory semester appointment.

Be on time.  There’s nothing like starting a meeting off on the wrong foot.  By showing up on time or early you are demonstrating that you are a young professional rather than a child.  You are showing how you respecting them.

Come prepared! Do your research before hand. Know what classes you want to take and some possible sections you might register for.  It is best if you have a schedule pre made and then bring it show to your professor.

Ask questions. Your advisor will be able to answer your questions. They are there to help you. If you don’t ask questions to get the answers you need, then your advisor won’t know how to help you.

Be a self-advocate.  Doing all of these things will help you advocate for yourself. If you do not understand something, then ask your advisor to rephrase it in a way that is logical to you.  Additionally, get your advisor to help you get to where you need to be.  This person can help you find internships, a summer job, write a letter of recommendation, etc.

Good luck!