Monday, March 23, 2015

Kitchen Adventures: Kale Chips

I do not like potato chips, but I do love kale chips! They are a crunchy healthy snack that you can take anywhere.  This recipe is quite easy and the chips lasts awhile before going bad.

1 tea spoon Salt
1/4 cup Fresh parmesan cheese 
1 bag Kale 
Olive Oil

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Wash kale and thoroughly dry it. If the kale is wet, then the chips will be soggy instead of crunchy.
Once the kale is dry, break it into bite size pieces.  It does not shrink too much, so the chips will be roughly about the size you tear the kale into. 
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
Place the pieces of kale on the baking sheet.
Lightly coat the kale with some olive oil.
Grate the parmesan cheese and place on top of the kale.
Sprinkle salt on the chips.
Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes or until crispy. 

Bon Apetit!


Friday, March 20, 2015

Makeup and Cosmetics as Told by Lindsey

Today's post is brought to you by my blogging friend and sorority sister, Lindsey. She has a lifestyle blog called Lindsey's ThoughtsLindsey and I met a few years back and instantly were intrigued by each other's blog to then find out we shared more commonalities than a love for fashion, college organization, and dogs. We both were sisters of Alpha Delta Pi. She is a great writer and has some awesome posts! I can promise you that this will not be the last guest post you will see from Lindsey!

Hi Y’all,

I asked Michaela to guest post and she said the only way she would is if I returned the favor, so of course I agreed!

She told me to post about anything I wanted so I went on her blog and looked at some of her recent posts. One that stood out to me was her 101 in 1001 Update post. I’m doing it, too! While I need to update it, here’s my list.

While I can’t help her attend a wedding (sorry, I’m not getting married anytime soon), and she can’t have me over for a dinner party (so silly being 5+ hours away), just by writing this post, I’ve helped her out with #48 (have a guest blogger) and #7 (be a guest blogger) and I’m going to help her out with another one, #56 (learn how to do my makeup) by giving some tips that I use daily!

I have self taught myself everything I know about makeup and cosmetics. My mom doesn’t wear makeup at all.

Here are some tips that I find useful:
  1. stick to neutrals. This way, if you mess up, it’s not as noticeable.
  2. mascara is a must. No matter your eye color, eye size, etc. wear mascara. It’s super easy and you can’t really mess it up. And if a little gets on your face, wait for it to dry and then take a q-tip and spin it on the spot.
  3. don’t use a colored face powder. I use the translucent one that Revlon makes. This way, it doesn’t make your skin pale or cakey.
  4. If you need help finding a shade, go to Sephora (if you want to spend a little more money on Foundation, which I think is the only true product you have to buy high-end for this reason). At Sephora they can match your skin color and pick out a product that suits your skin. They did this for me and I love everything they chose!

If you need inspriation for an “everyday look” (which I what I do, even for events like formal), I check out youtube.

Here are some favorite videos of mine:

And for giggles, here’s a makeup routine, I did sophomore year of college

And here are some blog posts:
(Updated) Daily Makeup Routine (Southern Curls and Pearls)
Makeup Essentials (The College Prepster)
My Makeup Routine (The College Prepster)

Hopefully some of these help!

Thanks for having me, Michaela!



Monday, March 16, 2015

What I know For Shore Volume 3

In March and April 2013 I created two posts titled What I know For Shore.  It was a pun on the title of my corner of the internet. Well it is March 2015 and I have decided to bring these posts back!  

The idea for these posts came from my mom, she is a great source of inspiration for me.  The thought is to periodically post things that I am sure about.  It could range from pieces of advice to my favorite fashion trends.  There is a ton of uncertainty in life, so sometimes I feel it is important to focus on the things you do know. 

{Exercising on a daily basis brings clarity to my mind}
I have been working out on a daily basis and it has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on me.  Working out, for me, includes running, walking, yoga, ab workouts, and some lifting.  My mind feels clear, I don't have a mental fog keeping me from being present.  My stress levels have decreased, but this could also be due to Spring Break.  I have SO much more energy.  Overall I just feel better about myself. 

{Voluspa candles are heavenly}
This weekend Todd and I spend some time roaming around Anthropologie.  We found ourselves smelling every candle in the store.  They are amazing.  We left the store with three of them.  They burn nicely too, the scent of one candle filled my house yesterday. 

{Sex and the City is a great movie}
On my 101 in 1001 list I wrote watch Sex and the City (the movie).  This weekend I decided to find a spot on the couch with my dog and watch the movie.  I had watched several episodes of the television show before and enjoyed it.  The movie was great! I'm not sure why I had never seen it before. This is a great chick flick that made me laugh out loud.  It is definitely being added to my list of favorite movies.

{The Monday Countdown has began}
Before getting out of bed this morning, I realized that I only have eight more Mondays left before the semester is over.  Eight does not seem like an awful number.  Each semester I count the weeks left, by saying how many Mondays there are left until the next break.  Summer is two months away. This semester is definitely my most challenging academically speaking. I will feel accomplished once it concludes.


Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Five: Spring Break

Spring Break 2015, you were the relaxation time I was in dire need of.  Spending my break at home, in Pennsylvania, was probably the best thing I could have done for myself.  While it would have been great to escape to a warm tropical oasis, I was in need of some relaxation and sleep.  This semester has been going by so quickly and I have been working so hard that I was beginning to wear myself out.  

One: Friday Night Lights
This is my new favorite series to binge watch.  It has a great story line filled with sports, high school drama, family dynamics, and a love story or two.  I'm a little late to the FNL bandwagon, but better late than never right? Shout out to my sister, Sophie, who recommended it to me the day before break began. 

Two: Half Marathon Training
Two and a half weeks until I complete my first Half Marathon.  I haven't stuck to my training schedule 100%, but this week has provided me with a break through.  This morning I hit a training milestone of nine miles.  I am loving the Spring weather! This week it allowed me to run outside instead of on the treadmill.  Training outside has brought some new aches to my body, needless to say my foam roller and I have been spending quality time together. 

Three: Paint and Sip
On Wednesday I went to a Paint and Sip, the new thing that everyone has been talking about.  The business that provides the artist and supplies hosted the event at an asian restaurant.  The combination of sushi, wine, painting, and friends that I love was perfection.  I am not artistic at all and somehow I managed to create a piece of art that is worthy of hanging on the wall.  I highly recommend y'all try this out if you haven't yet! 

Four: Lovely Bones
This week I took some time to read for fun.  This has not happened in a long time.  After wandering around the library for a solid thirty minutes, my book of choice was Lovely Bones.   So far I am enjoying the dark read.  

Five: Naps
Who doesn't love a good nap? Naps are one of my favorite things! I usually don't have time to take them, so this week I made it my goal to take one every day.  Mission accomplished. Plus I even got to take a rainy day nap, the best kind out there. 

Monday it will be back to reality.  There are only seven weeks left before finals week.  The time is going to pass by quickly.  A sneak peak into the second half of my semester includes: running my first half marathon, volunteering to help raise money for Ronald McDonald House Charities, Spring Formal, Greek Week, watching Todd play his last season of college tennis, coaching field hockey, a possible trip to see my best friend, and enjoying the warmer weather. 


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Three on Thursday

Check out instagram for more pictures: shorelifeofmqs

One: Herringbone Braid
My hair is getting so long and lately I have been looking for different ways to style it without using heat.  Today I found this tutorial to do a herringbone braid.  It turned out really well, but I did not take a picture (Maybe a future post).

Two: Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse sale
While browsing the Internet this morning I found out when the Lilly sale will be this summer!

Three: Snow Day
This snow day could not have had better timing.  Today I was supposed to have a mid term in one of my classes, but due to inclement weather the university closed for the day! This means Spring Break started a day early for me.  While I still have a paper to finish before I can fully relax, I am excited to have some time off.  I took advantage of my day off my finishing up the One Tree Hill series.  I started it during Winter Break, but I have been too busy to finish it this semester.  While helping my family shovel our driveway and front walk, I had some fun taking a few pictures. 


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Organize Me: Desk for Studying

The week before Spring Break is generally referred to as Mid Term week.  While some schools might not identify the exams, papers, projects, and presentations as mid terms it is roughly the mid point in the semester.  This week and the few weeks leading up to it require a lot of studying and time spent at your desk or the library.  Regardless of where you spend your time doing your school work, it is important to have an organized space with all of the essential tools that will help you be successful. I need a very clean an organized space when studying or writing a paper, cluttered environments make me feel uncomfortable. Today I'm here to share with you what my desk has looked like the past few weeks and this week too. 

{One: Macbook/Laptop}
When studying I usually pull up all of my lecture notes, handouts, and PowerPoint on my computer. I also use it to type my handwritten notes or re-type my lecture notes. I also use my computer to create my study guides too. 

{Two: Ipad}
This year I started buying my textbooks in e-versions.  Being a commuter it is easier to have all my books in one place.  While studying I review each chapter of my text books to confirm that I know the material that we went over in lecture. I also use my IPad to play music too. 

{Three: Binder} 
This semester I decided to use one binder for all of my courses.  Each course has a divider and all of my notes and handouts are in there. My binder is essential to studying because it contains all of my handouts, syllabus, and hand-written notes. 

{Four: Post It Notes}
I love using post it notes. I use them to write small to do lists and reminders.  When studying, I write a potential test question on a post it and then place it in my notes.  I also use them, in my notes, when I am confused about a topic.  They serve as a reminder to go back and review an item for clarification. 

{Five: Pens, pencils, and highlighters}
If you couldn't tell, I like to color code everything! I generally take my notes in pen and then use a highlighter to draw attention to important items. 

{Six: Flashcards}
These are my go to when preparing for large exams.  The act of re-reading and re-writing the information helps me to remember it.  I usually mix it up with questions, vocabulary, and diagrams.  Being able to sort the flash cards into piles of what I do and do not know help me gage where I'm at. 

{Seven: Notebook}
This is the notebook I use to take notes during my lectures.  I reference it to make sure the notes I've typed are correct.  

{Eight: Agenda}
Because how I else would I keep track of all of my assignments? I use my agenda to keep track of the assignments and my schedule.  It helps keep me focused and remember deadlines.

{Nine: Water}
I got this tervis tumbler for Christmas and I am beyond obsessed with it. 
But on a serious note, I think being hydrated is really important, and having a large cup cuts down on the number of trips I take to the Brita. Staying hydrated is really important, and a glass of water can help to refresh you when you're starting to get tired of studying.  I've cut back on my caffeine (coffee) consumption this semester, so water is my new go to. 

{Ten: Glasses}
This one is pretty self explanatory, but my glasses help me see so I need them to study.  They prevent me from getting headaches and straining my eyes when studying.

Good Luck on your exams!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Kitchen Adventures: Cheese Popcorn

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks.  There are so many different flavors and ways to make it.  
Looking for a quick snack to make? Something you can make an individual serving or for a whole group of people? ..Then I have the recipe for you!   This is a recipe that my mom introduced me to a few years back. She is a family consumer science teacher in a middle school, so she is always coming up with new easy recipes.  

1/3 cup Popcorn kernels
1 brown lunch bag
2 Tbsp. butter
1/4 cup Romano Cheese

One: Measure the popcorn kernels and place them in the brown paper bag.
Two: Fold the top of the bag over twice and staple it. 

Three: Place the bag in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Heat the popcorn until the popping begins to slow down. 
Four: Once the popping slows down, remove the bag from the microwave and pour the popcorn into a bowl.  It will burn if you keep it in the bag too long. 
Five: Place the butter in a microwave-safe bowl and heat until it is melted.
Six: Pour the melted butter on the popcorn.
Seven: Grate the parmesan cheese and pour it on the popcorn.

Eight: Mix the butter and cheese into the popcorn. If you need more butter or cheese, feel free to add it!

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