Thursday, March 20, 2014

Springing Forward

Happy First Day of Spring!
We definitely have had our fair share of Winter this season.  I've had 8 snow days this semester. Before this year I didn't think snow days existed in college, but this semester hasn't surely proved that  my thought was false.  In the past few weeks we have reached the 50 degree mark a couple of times and it was wonderful. But we have also had 4 inches of snow this week too. Global warming at its finest?

I, just like many of you, am so ready for some warm weather! I am ready to break out my Spring clothes. It's time to trade in the winter essentials- wool scarves for light weight scarves, heavy sweaters for cute cardigans, boots for dainty flats, dark colors for pinks and blues, long sleeves for short sleeves. Welcome Spring, I am ready!

It may not feel like Spring, but here are a few things to help you make your own Spring feeling. These are some things that remind of me Spring, you can check them out on Pinterest.
Skirts, button downs, and loafers.

Pastel anything!

The beginning of shorts season.

Lilly Pulitzer prints.

Beautiful flowers.

Bunnies and macaroons, so cute for Easter.

What reminds you of Spring?


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Something New

This semester has just turned me into a terrible blogger.  I have been awful at posting regularly! 
The good news is that this week is Spring Break, and I'm ready to conquer the blog world again.  
For some reason, this semester has just been super hectic.  
I feel like I barely have enough time to eat and sleep each day. 
 I think the craziness is related to sorority life and taking six classes.  
It's definitely all manageable, but I just have not been taking the time to do things for myself. 
 A few weeks ago I was hit with this realization, and it forced me to really think of what I could do to make a small change in my life.  

I finally went on a pinning spree via Pinterest and stumbled across a yoga video. 
I've been doing this 15 minute video each morning when I wake up.  I have never been a huge yoga fan, but I think this might be changing. Days when I can't squeeze exercising in, this is a nice substitute.  I really enjoy waking up and doing these stretches.  It's a nice peaceful activity that has been added to my daily routine.  It actually gives me great energy and focus for the day.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What to Watch Wednesday

Its rare that I get the opportunity to chill out and watch Netflix. When I do have time,  I never know what to watch. I spend forever trying to decide, so today I'm sharing with you some of my favorite series that are available on Netflix.

These shows are all great, and some of my favorites on Netflix!


Monday, March 3, 2014

You Know You're Busy When..

I'm back and ready to conquer the blogging world again! Life has been eating me alive lately.  This semester is flying by, only two weeks until Spring Break! 
So obviously I've been busy- how do you know?

You know I've been busy when...
I've passed up the opportunity to blog for money.
I haven't been checking my personal email daily.
I've been eating one meal a day.
I haven't talked to my best friends in over two weeks.
I haven't worked out in two weeks.
The average amount of time I've been sleeping each night has been five hours.
I haven't published a blog post in over three weeks.
I haven't read my favorite blogs in over three weeks.

School, work, and my involvement with my sorority have me spread quite thin.  I love everything I am involved in, but I am beginning to realize I need to make a little more me time.  This week my goal is to schedule my day into time increments, allowing for certain things to only be done at certain times of the day. I am hoping that this strategy will provide me with more balance in my life.

I hope to start posting at least three times a week. Since I haven't published a post in awhile, I have a ton of topics to post about!