About Me

Welcome to The Shore Life According to M. I am mQs, a twenty something east coast girl.I am currently a senior in college studying Middle Grades Education.  Most people describe me as your typical "All American Girl". I love field hockey, quotes, the beach, fashion, Lilly P, anything preppy, music, photography, sushi, my family, my boyfriend-Todd, JCrew, stripes, baking, and Alpha Delta Pi. 

I created The Shore Life According to M in January 2013. I was in need of a creative outlet to express myself and something to distract me from the stress of college life. My blog doesn't have a main focus. I just like to talk about whatever is relevant to my life. I am always open to post suggestions,questions, and/or recommendations to improve my blog so feel free to post with your thoughts and questions.

Contact me:
email: shorelifeofm@gmail.com
Twitter: mich_quigley
Instagram: Shorelifeof_m



  1. LOVE your blog!! :) Very happy to be following!

    <3, Charlotte