Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wednesday Pinsday: NYE Edition

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!
Tomorrow we will be closer to 2030 than we will 2000, a little scary right? Although I am not hosting a New Year's Eve party, I have been pinning some adorable New Year's Eve pins because...why not?

These decorations are all adorable. I love the glitter mason jars with the black and white striped straws. The balloons with pictures from the year is such a nice touch.  It would be neat to have a picture of everyone attending the party. 
 What's New Year's Eve without any beverages? Champagne is a must have, whether it is throughout the night or just for the countdown.  The milk and cookies for children makes the countdown a little special for them too. 
 You can't have a party without food.  These sweets are all so festive.
I love this quote about coming into a new year. It is all about living life to the fullest and taking every opportunity you can to do great things. 

You can find all of these pins on my Ring in 2015 board.

Be sure to checkout this video.  A couple turned all of the hits of 2014 into a 2.5 minute song. It is pretty entertaining. They are so talented.

Have a wonderful day!

I'll see you in 2015.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 blogging review

This past year has been quite busy for me and it has taken quite the toll on the number of posts I've published.  My blogging decreased by nearly 50% from this year to last.  I'd rather post quality than quantity.  This year that's what happened.  I am excited to renew my energy for blogging and get back into it during 2015.  While I didn't post as frequently, I still had some popular posts.  Below are my top posts of 2014

I'm looking forward to 2015 and all the blogging opportunities it holds.


Monday, December 29, 2014

Ring in 2015 with style

Whether you've solidified how you will be welcoming  the new year or are still figuring out your plans, there is still the big question of what to wear? Depending on the event you are attending, the appropriate attire changes.  Below are a few of my favorite looks to ring in 2015. 

Once you have figured out your NYE plans, checkout these looks and more on my Ring in 2015 Pinterest board. 


Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekend Roundup

What better way to get back into blogging than to begin the week with a Weekend Roundup.  Last week I spent some time catching up on the blogging world by browsing some of my favorite blogs as well as discovering new ones too!  During my browsing I came across an adorable blog called Bows and Sequins, which is where my inspiration for today's post came from.

  • I ordered the last of my holiday gifts this weekend. So thankful for stores that will have gifts shipped by Wednesday without charging and arm and a leg for the upgrade.
  • Watched A Best of Saturday Night Live's Christmas episodes special. Including a segment featuring Justin Timberlake and Wrappingville.
  • I finally was reunited with my best friend! Another perk to a long winter break is having the opportunity spending time with long lost friends.
  • Took this quiz about Gossip Girl characters. Surprise surprise my result was that Blair Waldorf would be my best friend.  
  • Read a great article on measuring success
  • As one year ends and another one begins it is a great opportunity to become the most compelling person you know.
  • This weekend a new holiday tradition was created with family and friends. My mom bought gingerbread house kits for my brother and I to make with our significant others.  We had a competition to see who could create the best house in two hours.  It was a lot of fun and a little stressful too, being the perfectionist I am the time limit was not my favorite thing. Saturday night was a lot of fun and helped me get into the Christmas spirit a little more. Check out our houses on instagram
  • Started playing Trivia Crack and realized how little I really know about the world I live in and its history. 
  • This morning I woke up to a notification that I was featured on a blogger friend's post today.  She mentioned missing my regular posts, which just fuels me to become a better blogger again. 

Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I survived the Fall 2014 Semester

Hello Winter Break!

This semester flew by!  I really feel like it was just Labor Day weekend and I had just finished my first four days of the semester.  This semester was definitely one of the best ones I have had yet.  I accomplished several goals, made some new friends, strengthened previous friendships , created some new goals, and made lots of memories along the way.

Today's post is about what I could not have survived this semester without.

One: Agenda
This semester was incredibly busy.  If it weren't for my planner I would have be lost!  This year I went with Lily Pulitzer's jumbo agenda.  At first I regretted it because of how large it is, but now I am so grateful for how large it is.  I loved being able to write my daily to do lists, meetings, and assignments in it.  I color coded it to help keep everything as organized as possible. If something isn't written in my agenda, then I won't remember it.

Two: Family and Friends
These are the people who kept me sane the past few months.   When school and life got challenging they were the ones to give me advice and encourage me to keep going.  They also were the ones to remind me to make time for myself and to have fun.  I take my grades very seriously and sometimes I forget to have fun.  This semester definitely allowed for a lot of fun times.  I am thankful for the people I was able to spend time with when I wasn't busy with sorority functions or school work.  

As I mentioned above, this semester I strengthened some friendships.  These friendships I'm referring to are the ones I have with my sorority sisters.  I knew some of these women for the past year, but it wasn't until this past semester that I truly got to know them.   They were always there for me and allowed me to crash at their apartments whenever I needed to (Commuter Problems!).  

I also formed new friendships too.   This semester I met a great group of women who are in my major, we had just about every class together. It was refreshing to meet some people who had similar values and a strong work ethic like I do.  I would not have survived the numerous group projects, this semester entailed, if it weren't for these ladies. 

Three: Caffeine 
Sometimes I didn't get as much sleep as I needed, so on those days I was quite dependent on caffeinated beverages.  They helped me get through some very busy days! I still don't know how to make my own coffee with a coffee pot, but I do know how I like my coffee- lots of cream and sugar!

Four: Music
This semester, like the previous two, was filled with lots of driving.  I had two field placements, each were a little less than an hour away, so I spent a lot of time driving to those and school.  I enjoy driving, but listening to good music makes the ride much more enjoyable.  Pandora and Spotify definitely came to my rescue. 

Five: Blogging
Blogging..I did not publish my own posts that often this semester.  My blogging took the back burner for a little bit, but I continued to read some of my favorite bloggers' posts.  I frequently seen my study breaks checking out what everyone else had been publishing.  I love to write my own posts, but I also LOVE reading what other people have to say as well.  It definitely gave me a lot of inspiration and ideas for when I finally would get the time to write again.

During Winter Break I plan to make blogging a priority again!


Monday, December 1, 2014

Deck the Halls December

Happy Monday and first day of December! Can you believe that the last month of the year has arrived?  It's hard to believe how fast 2014 has gone by.  I am excited to embark on this lovely month.  December is filled with traditions, family, friends, gifts, food, Christmas music, trimming the tree, celebrating the year, finishing out the Fall semester, staying warm by the fire, and appreciating life. 

December Goals:

One: Continue to follow my half marathon training schedule 

Two:Finish out the semester strong.

Three: Write at least 20 blog posts.

Four: Read a book.

Five: visit a museum.

I love this month and all of the festivities that come with it.  For me December will be the month that I bring my blog back to life.  With just ten days left in the semester, I can taste the freedom that is near.  
Enjoy your day!