Thursday, July 28, 2016

Nude Nails

Last week I shared some tips to look more put together. One of the things I try to do consistently on that list is have my nails painted. This has become a new habit of mine in 2016. I have taken to painting my nails each Monday.  It all started thanks to Bachelor Mondays. When I lived at my apartment, we did  not have an upgraded cable package so I was forced to watch commercials during my weekly show.  I started painting my nails during commercial breaks to make the time go by faster.  Painting your nails while watching a two hour show is perfect because you're less likely to mess them up since you are just sitting there. 

As much as I love bright colors, I don't love bright nail polish on my fingers. I prefer a nude or pretty shade of pink.  I like the dainty feminine look that says yes I take care of my nails but I'm not here to make a statement. Plus the softer colors are easier to remove too. I usually paint on two coats followed by Essie's gel top coat. This will last me about 5-6 days, then I take the polish off, let my nails breath for a day and then paint them again.

My current nail color of the week is Essie's Fiji. I picked it up at the drugstore the other day and I absolutely adore it. It's a solid pink that adds just enough pop of color. 


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Go To Breakfasts for Summer

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important part of the meal. This meal is the one that jumpstarts your day and provides you with the energy you need to get going.  During the summer I tend to eat later in the day just because I wake up later and I don't have to rush out of the house. The laid back nature about summer allows me to spend more time making breakfast some mornings.  I like to eat a hearty and healthy breakfast that will fill me up for several hours and give me energy to get my unrealistic to do lists accomplished. 

Banana + granola bar
This is my on the go breakfast. This is what I will eat when I don't have time to sit down and eat. My go to granola bar is either a Kind Bar or Clif Bar. 

Oatmeal with fresh fruit 
Lately I have been loving McCan's Maple and Brown Sugar instant oatmeal. Instead of adding milk to cool it down, I have been opting for two tablespoons for plain yogurt.  I add a little extra flavor with fresh blueberries or strawberries. The fruit helps to fill me up and makes the meal a little sweeter. 

Avocado Toast
I seriously could write a whole post dedicated solely to avocado toasts because one there are so many ways you can make it and two I just love it so much! I like to toast a piece or two of whole wheat bread (depending how hungry I am). I usually use a quarter to half an avocado and spread it on the toast with a fork. My spreading is more like mashing the avocado.  I then add whatever toppings I can find in my fridge. In this picture I added tomatoes and a sprinkling of mozzarella cheese. If I am feeling extra hungry I'll add a fried egg on top. 
Yogurt, granola, and fruit
This is definitely one of my preferred post-workout breakfasts or if it's really hot out.  I like to use a flavored yogurt (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, etc.).  I have been using a yogurt that we get at a local farmer's market, but I also love Nosa yogurt.  Most recently I have been using Bear Naked Vanilla and Almond granola. This granola is really tasty and adds a bit of flavor to the homemade parfait.  I then top my yogurt and granola with fruit (banana/strawberries/blueberries/raspberries/mango/peaches).

I love pancakes. There are so many yummy things you can put in them to make them taste even better. This summer I have been on a blueberry pancake kick. I made them for my mom and I Sunday morning. 

Egg sandwich 
If I have a busy day where I know I won't be eating lunch until later, this is definitely my go to. I make many different kinds of breakfast sandwiches. It honestly just depends on what we have in our fridge.

 Some combinations include: 
+brie cheese/sun dried tomato pesto/egg whites/spinach
+american cheese/fried egg/ham
+cheddar cheese/egg whites/ spinach
+parmasean cheese/tomato sauce/fried egg

This is another one of my go to on the go breakfasts. Most recently my smoothies have included chocolate syrup, peanut butter, frozen strawberries, fresh blueberries, a frozen banana, a scoop of yogurt, and a little bit of milk. This is another breakfast I like to enjoy when it's really hot out or right after I workout. 

What are your go to breakfasts this summer?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Where Bloggers Get Their Inspiration

The irony in this post is just too great for me not too share. I was having a bit of a blogger's version of writer's block when it came to what to post for today. I have a long list of topics and post ideas, but none of them felt right to share today. I wanted to post something that was fun and not food related because I already had several food related posts planned for the week. I reached out to my followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. I got a few replies back, but I still wasn't loving anything that came in. In order to figure out what to write about I went to my go to sources of inspiration. As I was browsing, it hit me! I finally figured out what to share with you guys today. I thought it would be fun to share how I get my blogging inspiration. Whether you yourself are a blogger or not, we all need some inspiration every once in awhile, so I thought it would be fun to share. 

One of the most difficult things about blogging and maintaining a blog after several years is producing high quality original content.  I'll admit that during the school year when I don't post sometimes it's because the thought of having to think up content sounds more overwhelming than relaxing.  I try to produce content that is relevant to my life, what would be interesting to me to read, what I find as eye catching, and recommendations from my readers, friends, and family. Blogger's writer's block is totally normal, but there are some things that can be done to prevent it. 

My sources of blogging inspiration come from a whole host of things. I get tons of inspiration from Pinterest. I use pinterest to inspire my blog photography, color schemes, DIYs and occasionally something sparks a post or two.  Another great source for me is magazines. I like to browse through all different types of magazines. They provide me with insight as to what others like to read about, what the in products are, new recipes to try, photography ideas, and design inspiration.  This week my mom brought home In Style  from her weekly grocery shopping trip, so this has been my most recent go to.  I'm sure many bloggers can agree that another great source for inspiration includes reading other blogs. It's fun to see what others are posting about. I never take the same post from a blogger, but sometimes I'll see a series I like, a concept I think is neat, or ways to establish themes in my blog. From reading others blogs I also gain more wisdom as to how the blogging world works and learn some tips & tricks from seasoned blogging professionals. A newer source of inspiration for me has become photography. I got a camera last year as a gift from Todd, but I never had the time to learn how to use the camera.  This summer I have spent some time learning how to take pictures. I have been using some of the pictures I take as ideas for blog posts. It's kind of like a backward design approach to a blog post because the photographs come first rather than the content. 

While I am browsing through all of these  sources of inspiration I have a pad of paper and a pen nearby. I jot down any ideas I have onto a brainstorming blog post list. This list is ongoing and gets updated as I find new ideas. As I begin to use the ideas, I will highlight them to signal that they have been used.  This list is also a go to when I can't think of what to write about. Sometimes just looking at my list will inspire me to add new topics to it. 

Feel free to use some of my sources of inspiration to inspire your future blog posts or moves in life. I'd love to hear what inspires you guys whether it's in the blogging world or in life!


Monday, July 25, 2016

Popsicles + Wine

Does it get much better than this combination? My answer is not when the temperature has consistently been in the high nineties and humid. This summer I've noticed so many people eating popsicles with their wine- it's been featured in major magazines, on talk shows, discussed on the radio, all over instagram, and now making a debut here on my little corner of the internet. For awhile now I have been seeing these pretty little concoctions and curious about one how they tasted and two how I could make them at home to avoid paying an arm and a leg for one at a local restaurant or bar. After doing some research (aka browsing pinterest) I created my own recipe and it wasn't a fail! This week there are two nights of The Bachelorette, so if you make these sweet treats today, then you'll be able to enjoy them tonight, tomorrow, or both nights as you watch everyone's favorite tv show guilty pleasure of the summer.

1 can of Dole pineapple juice
3 cups of Strawberries (preferably frozen)
2 cups of sliced pineapple (about half of a pineapple)
White wine or champagne

Gather all of your supplies (ingredients, blender, and popsicle molds). You can purchase popsicle molds at your local T.J. Max or Home Goods for cheap. I got these molds for $6 last summer.  If you can't find popsicle molds any where, then another option would be to use an ice cube tray and just skip out on the popsicle aesthetics of the drink.

Place the three cups of strawberries and 1/3 of the can of pineapple juice in the blender and puree the mixture. It's okay to leave a few strawberry chunks in there. They are yummy in the wine. Once the strawberries have turned into a puree, pour it into a large liquid measuring cup. The liquid measuring cups make it easier to the puree into the popsicle molds.

Wash out the blender and replenish it with the remaining pineapple juice and the slices of pineapple. Puree the mixture until it is smooth. Once it is pureed, then pour it into a separate liquid measuring cup.

Now it's time to fill the popsicle molds. Fill the molds 2/3 full with the strawberry puree.  Then fill the remaining third with the pineapple puree.

Place the molds in the freezer for several hours to let the popsicles form.

Once your popsicles are frozen, then it's time to enjoy them. Pour yourself a glass of white wine or champagne and place one of your popsicles into the glass. If you don't drink, then place the popsicle in a glass of sprite, gingerly, or your favorite seltzer. As time goes on, the popsicle will fall off the stick and melt into your glass.
**If your popsicle is stuck in the mold, then run it under hot water for 10 seconds**

This sweet treat is a great way to cool off in this wicked hot and humid summer heat. They are incredibly refreshing and take a little bite off from the day you've had. I enjoyed one of these tasty drinks on my deck this weekend before heading out to meet some friends for dinner. After tasting these, I'm excited to try to re-create them with different flavors by pureeing all different types of fruits. 

I hope you enjoy!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Things You Can Do To Seem More Put Together


When we talk about people being put together, a certain image comes to mind. I'm sure we can immediately all list several names of people who come to mind.  These people might be friends, mentors, acquaintances, or even celebrities regardless a specific image comes to mind.  For some reason there are just some people who really do have it together, but there are others who do several things that make it appear like they have it together when in reality that might not be the case.  We all would love to give off those put together vibes 100% of the time, but that just is not realistic. Nobody is absolutely perfect all of the time.  We all have a slight hiccup in our lives every once in awhile.  Yes, me the perfectionist is admitting to not actually being perfect! Anyways, from time to time I get the comment from people that I literally have my whole life together. I would definitely disagree with this statement, but I guess from the outside it could appear that I do.  Lately I have been thinking about how I am giving off these I have my life together vibes to people.  I created a short list of little things that I do that could possibly give people these vibes as well as some things that I think of when I picture my list of people who I know who seem so put together. We all could use a little advice every once in awhile, so I thought I'd share my tips and tricks with you guys!

Make your nails a priority
Okay, I know this sounds silly but it really does make a difference. There's something to be said about a woman who has well manicured hands and feet.  I'm not saying you need to pay money to get your nails done every week, but spend some time to give yourself a fresh coat of polish followed by a quality top coat. This will definitely give off a more polished look to your peers. Also I don't know about you, but when my nails are done it just makes me feel good. Plus, painting your nails can be therapeutic. 

Dress to impress
Looks aren't everything, but they do help with making a good impression. You don't need to be dressed to the nines all day every day. However, spend some time to put together a cute outfit whether it's a pair of running shorts and a cute tank or a Lilly shift dress. You should always dress comfortably, but never be sloppy. This could even  mean just taking the time to iron your clothes. Also, when you look good you feel good!

Simple accessories
Do a little accessorizing, but not too much. Play around a little bit over the next few weeks and figure out what you're essential accessories are.  When you're leaving the house throw these on to finalize your look. For me my go to items are a pair of pearl earrings, my fitbit, a watch, alex and Dani bracelets, a bar necklace, or my monogram necklace. I don't wear all of these at the same time, but I throw on some combination of these items on before heading out. 

Do your hair
Unless you are one of the few woman who can just hop out of the shower and have naturally awesome hair, you need to put a little effort into grooming your hair.  By no means am I saying you need to spend hour making sure your hair is curled to perfection.  But spend a couple minutes to fishtail a side braid, pin up a cute chignon, master the top knot, or throw your hair in a pony tail and run the flat iron through it several times.  When your hair looks well kept you look like you have things under control. 

Natural makeup
Natural makeup is definitely a go to.  You don't need to wear makeup every single day. When you do your makeup don't over do it. You want to wear just enough to cover up any blemishes, but definitely don't pile it on so you look orange and have raccoon eyes.  Try using a BB cream, a nude color eye shadow, a little mascara, and a light pink blush. This soft natural look is very feminine.  This also gives off the vibe that you tried but didn't try too hard. If you're feeling bold add a little color to your lips with a pink lipstick. Wearing lipstick also can go a long way for your appearance, but remember appearance definitely is not everything. 

Be on time
This is such a simple task that you can do with ease.  One of my coach's told me that if you're on time, then you're actually late. If you always plan to be somewhere 10-15 minutes early, then that will ensure you arrive on time.  This adds cushion time for traveling, traffic, getting lost, etc.  Being on time is so important. It signals to people that you respect them and their time. Being late is definitely not a sign of being put together because people think that you might not be good at managing your time. 

To Do Lists
These are your best friend. I literally cannot live without to do lists. I make them on the regular.  These help me keep track of what tasks I need to do. They prevent you from forgetting anything. When making to do lists, be sure not to make them impossible to complete. When you get things done it definitely looks like you have your life under control. Plus it gives you purpose each day. 

Establish Routines
Establishing routines can get you so far in life.  Routines are good because they give you consistency in life.  When you do things regularly people think you have a plan of action, which can be a good thing.  Also, it gives you guidance on a regular basis.  These routines could include before bed rituals, washing your face regularly, making your bed every day, working our regularly, eating breakfast everyday, etc. Also, when you have routines for long enough then you actually will have your life together. 

Buy an agenda
Okay, so you need to do more than just buy an agenda. You actually need to use it. Find an agenda that works for you, then figure out a system that works for you (color coding, making to do lists in it, using the calendar, etc). Using an agenda will keep your life organized, help you plan ahead, and will ensure that you don't miss an event. When you are on top of things you definitely are more put together. When somebody asks you what you're doing on a certain day and you can tell them, that certainly gives off those put together vibes. 

Be confident
If you take anything away with you from this post, I hope it is the importance of being confident in yourself. Now days I feel like it's easier for millennial to be insecure than it is to be confident. The world gives us so many reasons to not be happy with who we are or how we look. Regardless of what anyone tells you, be comfortable with who you are and what you stand for. Rock that confidence with you on a daily basis and it will take you far in life. 

I'd love to hear from YOU! What do you do to seem more put together? 

Have a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Few of my Favorite Things

This summer there are just some things that I have been absolutely loving. I thought it would be fun to share some of them with you.  These are a few of my favorite things
(sings The Sound of Music song)

Okay, so this definitely isn't something new. But I am just even more obsessed with hydrangeas and pink peonies this summer than ever before. I love flowers so much that about once a month I buy them for myself. #Treatyourself

It's been pretty hot and humid here lately. The heat definitely surpasses my appetite. However, I know that if I don't eat anything then I will have absolutely no energy. My go to breakfast item has been smoothies. I've been using the fresh berries and homemade yogurt from the farmer's market to make a yummy breakfast. 

The Off the Shoulder Trend
I think this new trend is just absolutely adorable. The look is so fun and great for a hot day. I have an off the shoulder dress that is flowy and super comfortable. There are so many different styles of off the shoulder tops and dresses. They are super cute on al body types and can be dressed up or down. 

Running Shoes
This summer I have learned how valuable a pair of high quality running shoes can be. I started off the summer running in an old pair of cheap Nike shoes that I had gotten at the outlets a year or two ago.  Well, after several weeks of running I experienced some of the most painful shinsplints that I have ever had. In June, I worked a few weeks of overtime and used the bonus money to buy myself a pair of real running shoes. I went to my local running store where they did an evaluation of how I run and walk. After the evaluation they gave several different brands/ styles of shoes that would best suit my feet. Ever since purchasing these my shinsplints have been gone. 

Caprese Salad
Nom nom nom.
The combination of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes straight from the garden, and homegrown basil is just heavenly. Not to mention that there are so many different variations to cooking with this trio of ingredients. I enjoy a good caprese salad in the summer time. It's light and refreshing. Add a little protein and you have yourself the perfect summer meal.

Tassels + Pompoms 
These two things have both been big trends this spring and summer. I have seen them used on so many hand bags, tote bags, dresses, coverups, key chains, artwork, the list just goes on. They have an element of fun to them, which is why I think I'm such a fan. I own a dress that has tassels on it and it gives my business casual look a little fun.

Light Pink Nail Polish
Essie has so many great shades of pink nail polish out right now. I have been a fan of the lighter shades of pink. They are very feminine and give off a very clean look.  They also aren't obnoxious, so they match with most of my outfits.

In the past month I have been loving yoga more than ever. I went to a yoga in the park session a few weeks back, which has triggered my newly found obsession with yoga. I find it relaxing and simultaneously challenging. I have been using Yoga By Candace videos on youtube. I highly recommend you check out her videos if you're in search of an economically practical way of practicing.

J.Crew Boardwalk Shorts
This summer I discovered this style of shorts. They are incredibly comfortable. They are an appropriate length- not too short not too long, so I can get away with wearing them to work. They have an elastic waistband, which allow for ultimate comfort. They also have pockets! These shorts come in many solid colors and prints. I have two pairs right now, but I definitely wouldn't be opposed to adding a few more to my collection.

Fresh Fruit
I think this is a given in the summertime. Fruit is always best in the summer because it is in season. Each week my mom comes home from the farmers' markets with several different fresh fruits. Lately I have been loving blueberries, pineapples, and strawberries. I have been using them in smoothies, on top of ice-cream, in my oatmeal, and just eating them on their own as a snack.  

What are a few of your favorite things lately?


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Stripe Obsession

It's no secret that I love stripes, especially those involving a navy and white combination.  I like to wear stripes year round. For me, every season is stripe season. They are very versatile and with the right color scheme you can mix and match them with so many different things. Literally every time I go shopping I am attracted to a striped piece of clothing.  I love navy and white stripes because they have a clean-crsip feel and they are fun to match with patterns or brighter colors. 

During the summer you can find me in something striped almost every other day. I have lots of striped boyfriend tees, a few t-shirt dresses, tanks, light weight long sleeves, and even striped workout apparel. 

For those of you who are into the new capsule wardrobe fad, stripes are definitely a great staple to have in your small collection of clothing. 

Do any of you have a stripe obsession too?


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Bachelorette Recap

What's a Monday night without The Bachelorette and a little wine? I couldn't tell you! This dynamic duo has been my mom and I's routine since the Monday after Memorial Day Weekend.  Every Monday night you can find us on our couch with a beverage and our favorite shows on tv (The Bachelorette, Odd Mom Out, & Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

My favorite episode each season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette are definitely the home town dates. I thought it would be fun to share with you guys a little recap and my commentary on this week's episode. Note- if you did not watch last night's episode, then do not keep reading this as it contains spoilers. 

Hometown Date #1: Chase
This duo has definitely had a connection from the beginning. Chase is a little more guarded, but who can blame him given the nature of the show and his family history. Chase grew up in a divorced family, so Jojo gets to learn about his family dynamics. Jojo meets Chase's dad first where they have a serious conversation about why Chase has struggled to open up and what the new couple can learn from his parents' divorce. Chase had a chat with his dad about the what ifs. My mom and I  were wondering where is Jojo during this time??? 
Also, how does Chase's dad know that Jojo is a great girl in their like thirty second visit and how is Chase's house not dirty/dusty after not being lived in. Does a cleaning crew come through ahead of time???
Next, they meet the rest of his family. Oh em gee, his nephew's mustache binky is just too freaking cute! His mom looks so young compared to the dad and is adorable. We loved that his mom was just dressed in a cute and comfy sweatsuit. The talk that Jojo had with her seemed so genuine and natural. My favorite part was listening to  Chase talk with his sister  the L word.

Hometown Date #2: Jordan
Okay so I just have to throw this out there. I think Jordan looks like Ryan Gosling. The first place they went is to his high school where he introduces Jojo to his favorite teachers and coaches. It's weird they were making out in his high school library, anyone else agree? This date just felt too high school musical cliche. Going into meeting his parents it seemed like Jojo really likes him and feels like she has to prove herself to his family. During dinner Jordan's family told stories about him, which were definitely comical. It's so annoying how she just harps on the fact that his older brother Aaron isn't there like hello every family has a few skeletons in their closet. Jojo had conversations with Jordan's Dad and brother, but it didn't feel like any real connections were made. Before heading off, Jojo shared that she really has strong feelings for jordan but still has reservations. 

Hometown Date #3: Robby
Going into this date we all were curious to find out more of the story behind Robby's ex-girldfriend. Last episode we learned that he broke up with his long term girlfriend three months prior to the show. I'm sorry but how are you ready to get engaged when you just broke up with someone three months before. Anyways, their date starts off with Jojo whistling and a horse drawn carriage appearing. They hop on and take a tour of his town. Jojo confronts Robby about her reservations regarding how recently he has become single. She makes it clear that she does not want to be his rebound. The couple walks into Robby's parents house with everyone screaming with joy. I thought this was strange. Robby told Jojo to call his dad coach, but he never tells us why! During Robby's chat with his brothers he seems very sure about what will happen. Jojo then chats with Robby's mom and shares about how she's unsure if Robby's actually ready for an engagement. When Robby talks to his mom she shares that his ex-girlfriend's roommate is spreading rumors that he broke up with his ex to go on the show. After this he and Jojo have a long talk about the situation and where they stand. It doesn't seem like anything really gets resolved here. 

Hometown Date #4: Luke
Jojo and Luke started out with a little chat on a park bench. It was cute how he wouldn't tell her what they were doing for the rest of the day. He took her for a ride in his truck onto a dirt road where his family was having a picnic at their home. I'd be a little overwhelmed too if I was going  to meet his family and 50 of their closest friends for the first time. Jojo definitely seemed comfortable throughout this date, but I'm not sure if I could see her living in this lifestyle. The conversation that Luke had with his dad was very deep (how his dad knew his mom was the one). It certainly seems like Luke looks up to the relationship that his parents have. When Luke sat down with Jojo I realized how much he overuses the word like. During their chat he really opened up and shared how much he wants their relationship to work and that he's falling for her. However, he sent her off without telling her that he was falling in love with her. Something he later would share (during the rose ceremony).

Rose Ceremony:
Going into the ceremony. All four gentlemen admitted to being nervous. I did not like the shiny blue dress that Jojo strutted down the red carpet to the ceremony. This ceremony had higher stakes since she's met all of their families. The ceremony begins and Luke pulls the bachelorette aside to tell her that he's in love with her (insert an eyeroll- couldn't he have done this earlier). The episode ends with ..TO BE CONTINUED. Like ugh, are you kidding me!? 

Anyways, next week we get to see two nights of episodes. I can't wait to see what happens!

What were your thoughts on last night? Who do you think will win?


Monday, July 18, 2016

A Day In My Life: Summer Schedule

Happy Monday! 
I've been getting a lot of requests to see some behind the scenes posts and inquires about what my average day looks like.  I thought the beginning of the week would be the perfect time to share this type of post with you guys.  I think we are always trying to figure out what the best routines in life are and what better way to figure it out than to read what works for others. My summer schedule varies from day to day, but for the most part I have a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule and Tuesday/Thursday one. This is due to my work schedules.  

6:00 Wakeup
I try to wakeup early enough to get everything done that I need to before leaving for nannying. If I don't get up early enough I'll push my workout to the night time. 

6:15 Lemon Water + To Do List
I am the biggest list maker. This helps me get my day organized and helps me vision what I'll be doing. I like to start my day with lemon water. It has so many great health benefits and it hydrates me before my workout. 

6:30 Workout
If I'm up early enough I'll go for a 2-3 mile run. If I don't wake up early enough I'll workout at night or run 1 mile and do a quick ab rotation. 

7:00 Prep for the day
When I nanny, it doesn't take me long to get ready because I just throw on athletic clothing. I take the time to make a quick breakfast that I can eat once I get to the family's house, and then I pack my lunch to eat later in the day. 

7:35 Drive to Work
I'm blessed to work close to home on these days. The short commute is wonderful!

7:45- 5:00 Nanny
The children I care for are older, so I don't have to do as much as I used to. During the day we usually play games, go outside, and swim.

5:15 Get Home + Relax
After spending the day with the kids, I like to take some time to unwind. I usually take a 20 minute power nap or watch an episode of something on Netflix.

5:30-7:00 Time to Blog
I usually spend some time reading and commenting on my favorite blogs and then try to schedule some posts.  Lately this time has been used to work on the re-design of my blog. 

7:00-10:30 Dinner +More
What I do during this time definitely changes each day. I like to use the time to grab dinner and then hangout with my friends and family. On Monday nights this time is used to watch The Bachelorette. 

10:30 Get Ready For Bed
I usually brush my teeth, wash my face, shower, and then get ready for the next day. 

11:00 Lights Out
I'm usually ready to fall asleep at this point in the day. 

7:30 Wakeup
When I wakeup in the morning I like to lay in bed for a little before I wash my face and brush my teeth. Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually my days to sleep in a little bit. 

7:30-7:45 Lemon Water + To Do List
I am the biggest list maker. This helps me get my day organized and helps me vision what I'll be doing. On these days my to do list is incredibly important because I plan out what errands I need to do, appoints that need to be made, or what studying I need to do. I like to start my day with lemon water. It has so many great health benefits and it hydrates me before my workout. 

Lately I have been doing Yoga on these mornings. The stretching has been great since I have been running more frequently. 

8:15-9:15 Blogging Things
I don't usually write content on these days, but if my posts aren't pre-written I will draft a post. I then like to spend this time to plan out posts for the future and comment on other blogs. 

9:15-9:45 Shower + Get Dressed
I haven't been taking the time to straighten or curl my hair, so it doesn't take me too long to get ready. The longest part is picking out my outfit for the day. 

9:45-10:30 Miscellaneous Items
This is the time I take to study, prep for student teaching, make appointments, hangout with my mom and brother, do laundry, clean my room, etc. 

10:30-11:15 Brunch 
I like to wait to eat later on these days since I work through lunch without a break. I usually eat a heartier meal.  I then pack my snacks to eat later in the day. 

11:15 Off to Work
My commute is longer on these days.  I usually listen to the radio as I head to work. 

Work, work, work.

5:00-6:00 Run Errands
I usually change into workout clothes for my game and then run errands. 

6:00-7:15 Field Hockey
I play in a summer field hockey league. We have games twice a week. This is a great way to workout while having fun and doing something that I love. 

8:15- 10:30 Shower + Dinner
I shower as soon as I get home unless I'm starving. After my shower, I like to eat dinner. I then use the rest of the time to hangout or get anything done that I haven't done already in the day. 

10:30 Get Ready for Bed
I do my usual nightly routine that I talked about earlier

11:00 Lights out!

I hope you enjoyed the walk through my average summer day!


Friday, July 15, 2016

A Walk in My Week + More

Good morning, happy Friday!
I neglected to prep for the post I had planned to share with you today, but I thought it would be fun to share a little walk through my recap and some other updates. This post will be a little different than my typical A Walk in my Week posts (here and here), so I hope you enjoy it!

Monday honestly feels like so long ago.  I spent the day with the Language Arts teachers at the school where I'll be student teaching at. I had the opportunity to join them in doing curriculum planning for the year.  I did a little blogging in the afternoon and was able to get in a yoga session before dinner with my family. 

I spent the morning relaxing and mentally preparing for my exam. I took my PRAXIS exam, explored a nearby town with my brother where we got Chipotle, enjoyed a little nap, and played in my field hockey summer league. After my game, I enjoyed a little fire with s'mores on our patio.

Wednesday morning I took some time to work on the blog and get some stuff done around the house (laundry, cleaning, etc.). In the afternoon, I went to work for several hours. 

I took another PRAXIS exam, tried out a new recipe with my friend (blog post to come soon), and played in my summer league for field hockey. 

Today is Friday and I have to tell you I'm just not feeling the usual hype over Fridays. I picked up an extra shift at work (yay for extra money!), so this weekend I'll be working three nine hour shifts. Lots of time at work. I"m not complaining because I do enjoy where I work, but it's just a little tougher to be excited about the weekend when it's filled with work. 
Other updates and ramblings:
+ I cannot believe the summer is already half way over. The time is flying by and there is still so much I have to get done and things I wanted to do. 

+In exciting news, I have officially passed my PRAXIS exams which will make me dual certified for grades 4-8 math and language arts. The only thing that stands between me and my certification is a semester of student teaching. 

+I'm working on my editorial calendar for August, so if there are any posts you'd like to see please let me know! I love hearing what your input is. 

+My newest read: The Friends We Keep  by Holly Chamberlin

+Current playlist that's on repeat: FUN workout on Spotify

+The tragedy in Nice, France is heartbreaking. It's a great reminder to always be kind to your loved ones and to never take anything for granted.

+There's so much hype over Pokemon Go right now. Confession- I'm just not into it and I don't quite understand why everyone is so #obsessed. Anyways, my mom found this video the other day and I just couldn't resist sharing it with you- Chardonnay Go!

+Remember to take my reader survey this weekend, if you haven't done so already!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend! 
What are your plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

DIY Succulent Garden

It's no secret that succulents have been the plant of this summer. Everybody is talking about them, instagramming pictures, they're appearing on the tables of restaurants, and even a hot topic in popular magazines. Working at a garden center I can definitely attest to how popular these plants are.  They are incredibly easy to care for and aesthetically pleasing which definitely contributes to their appeal rate. These plants require a lot of light and a little bit of water (think desert conditions). They make for a great house plant, gift, or item to spice up your office. Succulents come in a variety of 
shapes, size, and colors.  I've created a small guide for you to create your own succulent garden. I'm not an expert, but from my personal experiences these things seem to work. 

How to create your garden:
Step 1:
Fill the bottom of your container with a small layer of pebbles. Succulent roots don't like to be sitting in large amount of water. If your pot has a drainage spot, then you won't need to line it with the pebbles. 
Step 2: 
Fill the planter with potting soil. You can fill it about an inch or two from the top of the container.
Step 3: 
Plant the succulents into the pots. They shouldn't be too tight or too lose.  The soil should be loose to allow for doing to occur. 
Step 4:
Water the succulent garden so that the soil is barely moist. Be sure to place your plant in an area with a lot of light. 

Happy planting!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Being a Tourist in my Hometown

Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of our lives  and/or with planning trips to places far away that we forget about the little gems in our own hometowns. This weekend I had a little free time and was able to take advantage of some of the great things that are just a short distance from where I live. 

Beer gardens seem to be becoming increasingly popular. Well lucky for me, one has popped up just a short distance from my hometown.  This pop up beer garden started this past Memorial Day and will be up through Labor Day Weekend. The location has been around since 1902, but its purpose has changed several different times (condensed milk company, dairy plant, milk company, mushroom company, and now a pop up beer garden). This restored site is mostly an outdoors vendor with several covered areas.  It is dog and kid friendly, which provides for an incredibly positive family fun experience.  There are lawn games, craft beer, and many food trucks to entertain you during the day and at night. The facility also holds special events like yoga and produce stands filled with local farmers. Pretty much everyday you can find live music thanks
to local artists. 

After reading this brief overview, I'm sure you can see why I was so excited to try this place out. Saturday night I headed there with my two best friends and our moms.  We spent hours there enjoying the positive vibes, live band, sipping on different kinds of hand crafted beers and tasty drinks (gin with lime and honey), and chatting.  It was such a great time and we felt like we were somewhere besides the town over from where we live. 

Second Stop: Yoga in the Park
For the past two summers, my mom and I have been wanting to go to yoga at one of our local parks.  It's held every Sunday morning from Memorial Day through Labor Day for one hour. Between the weather, traveling, conflicting schedules,  and a little uncertainty as to how intense it would actually be we had yet to try it out.  This past Sunday morning we were both free and ready to try it out.  Let me tell you it was definitely worth our time.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous- hot, low humidity, and a slight breeze.  The practice I did that day felt so good and got me to be in a much more positive place once I left. I've been doing some running lately, so it felt really good to stretch some of the tight areas in my legs. This hour long yoga class was only $5, which is such a steal considering most classes are $20/hour around here. I'm looking forward to the next time I can go to yoga in the park.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from this mini adventure because I decided to do a small digital detox and go without my phone. 


Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Motivation: July Edition

Happy Monday! This week is a full week for me packed with school work, prepping for student teaching, field hockey games, and working.  Lately I've been noticing that lots of bloggers (and non-bloggers) have been on a fitness kick. Lots of us are on a self improvement mission for various reasons.

Recently I started eating better and working out more. It makes me feel so much better when I incorporate healthier habits into my life. I do have to say that I definitely am not the healthiest person 24/7 and I am learning to not beat myself about it. Some days I'm better about not making myself feel guilty than others.  It's important to acknowledge that nobody is perfect and it won't kill you to have a cheat day every once in awhile.

On those days when I am beating myself up, or I don't feel like working out I like to look for inspiration. Most of my inspiration comes in the form of pinterest quotes. The positivity just helps me to move forward and keep progressing.

All images via Pinterest

What inspires you to stay healthy?

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