Friday, July 22, 2016

Things You Can Do To Seem More Put Together


When we talk about people being put together, a certain image comes to mind. I'm sure we can immediately all list several names of people who come to mind.  These people might be friends, mentors, acquaintances, or even celebrities regardless a specific image comes to mind.  For some reason there are just some people who really do have it together, but there are others who do several things that make it appear like they have it together when in reality that might not be the case.  We all would love to give off those put together vibes 100% of the time, but that just is not realistic. Nobody is absolutely perfect all of the time.  We all have a slight hiccup in our lives every once in awhile.  Yes, me the perfectionist is admitting to not actually being perfect! Anyways, from time to time I get the comment from people that I literally have my whole life together. I would definitely disagree with this statement, but I guess from the outside it could appear that I do.  Lately I have been thinking about how I am giving off these I have my life together vibes to people.  I created a short list of little things that I do that could possibly give people these vibes as well as some things that I think of when I picture my list of people who I know who seem so put together. We all could use a little advice every once in awhile, so I thought I'd share my tips and tricks with you guys!

Make your nails a priority
Okay, I know this sounds silly but it really does make a difference. There's something to be said about a woman who has well manicured hands and feet.  I'm not saying you need to pay money to get your nails done every week, but spend some time to give yourself a fresh coat of polish followed by a quality top coat. This will definitely give off a more polished look to your peers. Also I don't know about you, but when my nails are done it just makes me feel good. Plus, painting your nails can be therapeutic. 

Dress to impress
Looks aren't everything, but they do help with making a good impression. You don't need to be dressed to the nines all day every day. However, spend some time to put together a cute outfit whether it's a pair of running shorts and a cute tank or a Lilly shift dress. You should always dress comfortably, but never be sloppy. This could even  mean just taking the time to iron your clothes. Also, when you look good you feel good!

Simple accessories
Do a little accessorizing, but not too much. Play around a little bit over the next few weeks and figure out what you're essential accessories are.  When you're leaving the house throw these on to finalize your look. For me my go to items are a pair of pearl earrings, my fitbit, a watch, alex and Dani bracelets, a bar necklace, or my monogram necklace. I don't wear all of these at the same time, but I throw on some combination of these items on before heading out. 

Do your hair
Unless you are one of the few woman who can just hop out of the shower and have naturally awesome hair, you need to put a little effort into grooming your hair.  By no means am I saying you need to spend hour making sure your hair is curled to perfection.  But spend a couple minutes to fishtail a side braid, pin up a cute chignon, master the top knot, or throw your hair in a pony tail and run the flat iron through it several times.  When your hair looks well kept you look like you have things under control. 

Natural makeup
Natural makeup is definitely a go to.  You don't need to wear makeup every single day. When you do your makeup don't over do it. You want to wear just enough to cover up any blemishes, but definitely don't pile it on so you look orange and have raccoon eyes.  Try using a BB cream, a nude color eye shadow, a little mascara, and a light pink blush. This soft natural look is very feminine.  This also gives off the vibe that you tried but didn't try too hard. If you're feeling bold add a little color to your lips with a pink lipstick. Wearing lipstick also can go a long way for your appearance, but remember appearance definitely is not everything. 

Be on time
This is such a simple task that you can do with ease.  One of my coach's told me that if you're on time, then you're actually late. If you always plan to be somewhere 10-15 minutes early, then that will ensure you arrive on time.  This adds cushion time for traveling, traffic, getting lost, etc.  Being on time is so important. It signals to people that you respect them and their time. Being late is definitely not a sign of being put together because people think that you might not be good at managing your time. 

To Do Lists
These are your best friend. I literally cannot live without to do lists. I make them on the regular.  These help me keep track of what tasks I need to do. They prevent you from forgetting anything. When making to do lists, be sure not to make them impossible to complete. When you get things done it definitely looks like you have your life under control. Plus it gives you purpose each day. 

Establish Routines
Establishing routines can get you so far in life.  Routines are good because they give you consistency in life.  When you do things regularly people think you have a plan of action, which can be a good thing.  Also, it gives you guidance on a regular basis.  These routines could include before bed rituals, washing your face regularly, making your bed every day, working our regularly, eating breakfast everyday, etc. Also, when you have routines for long enough then you actually will have your life together. 

Buy an agenda
Okay, so you need to do more than just buy an agenda. You actually need to use it. Find an agenda that works for you, then figure out a system that works for you (color coding, making to do lists in it, using the calendar, etc). Using an agenda will keep your life organized, help you plan ahead, and will ensure that you don't miss an event. When you are on top of things you definitely are more put together. When somebody asks you what you're doing on a certain day and you can tell them, that certainly gives off those put together vibes. 

Be confident
If you take anything away with you from this post, I hope it is the importance of being confident in yourself. Now days I feel like it's easier for millennial to be insecure than it is to be confident. The world gives us so many reasons to not be happy with who we are or how we look. Regardless of what anyone tells you, be comfortable with who you are and what you stand for. Rock that confidence with you on a daily basis and it will take you far in life. 

I'd love to hear from YOU! What do you do to seem more put together? 

Have a fabulous weekend!



  1. Great list. I've been trying to keep my nails painted and out on a little bit of makeup every time I leave the house. I've also been trying to break the routine of wearing an XL tshirt and norts whenever I go out in public!


  2. Dressing to impress is a big one for me! If I'm going out I make sure I look casual and presentable.

    Great tips!

    Greta |

  3. I don't know where I'd be without to-do lists!!
    xo, Syd

  4. I LOVED this post! It's so important to look put together even if you don't necessarily feel it. I always keep my nails done and my hair done (at least in a chic bun) and I never wear sweats or comfy clothes out of the house!

    La Belle Sirene

  5. great post!! i love to-do lists!!! i can't work without mine!

  6. Awesome list and post! Although I'm already failing at #1... my nails never look great :P

  7. I love a good to do list! My hair is probably where I fall short. I wash & brush it but i don't really style it.

  8. I would've loved this list when I was back in college, but I've noticed that the older I get, the more my focus shifts to simplifying my life rather than putting forth effort to appear a certain way.

  9. Great tips! Having your nails done really does make anyone look put together!

    Laura B. |

  10. Getting ready and making myself look nice is such a crucial part to starting off my day, I feel so disheveled and not confident otherwise. These are great tips!

    -Meagan | Love by Meagan