Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Bachelorette Recap

What's a Monday night without The Bachelorette and a little wine? I couldn't tell you! This dynamic duo has been my mom and I's routine since the Monday after Memorial Day Weekend.  Every Monday night you can find us on our couch with a beverage and our favorite shows on tv (The Bachelorette, Odd Mom Out, & Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

My favorite episode each season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette are definitely the home town dates. I thought it would be fun to share with you guys a little recap and my commentary on this week's episode. Note- if you did not watch last night's episode, then do not keep reading this as it contains spoilers. 

Hometown Date #1: Chase
This duo has definitely had a connection from the beginning. Chase is a little more guarded, but who can blame him given the nature of the show and his family history. Chase grew up in a divorced family, so Jojo gets to learn about his family dynamics. Jojo meets Chase's dad first where they have a serious conversation about why Chase has struggled to open up and what the new couple can learn from his parents' divorce. Chase had a chat with his dad about the what ifs. My mom and I  were wondering where is Jojo during this time??? 
Also, how does Chase's dad know that Jojo is a great girl in their like thirty second visit and how is Chase's house not dirty/dusty after not being lived in. Does a cleaning crew come through ahead of time???
Next, they meet the rest of his family. Oh em gee, his nephew's mustache binky is just too freaking cute! His mom looks so young compared to the dad and is adorable. We loved that his mom was just dressed in a cute and comfy sweatsuit. The talk that Jojo had with her seemed so genuine and natural. My favorite part was listening to  Chase talk with his sister  the L word.

Hometown Date #2: Jordan
Okay so I just have to throw this out there. I think Jordan looks like Ryan Gosling. The first place they went is to his high school where he introduces Jojo to his favorite teachers and coaches. It's weird they were making out in his high school library, anyone else agree? This date just felt too high school musical cliche. Going into meeting his parents it seemed like Jojo really likes him and feels like she has to prove herself to his family. During dinner Jordan's family told stories about him, which were definitely comical. It's so annoying how she just harps on the fact that his older brother Aaron isn't there like hello every family has a few skeletons in their closet. Jojo had conversations with Jordan's Dad and brother, but it didn't feel like any real connections were made. Before heading off, Jojo shared that she really has strong feelings for jordan but still has reservations. 

Hometown Date #3: Robby
Going into this date we all were curious to find out more of the story behind Robby's ex-girldfriend. Last episode we learned that he broke up with his long term girlfriend three months prior to the show. I'm sorry but how are you ready to get engaged when you just broke up with someone three months before. Anyways, their date starts off with Jojo whistling and a horse drawn carriage appearing. They hop on and take a tour of his town. Jojo confronts Robby about her reservations regarding how recently he has become single. She makes it clear that she does not want to be his rebound. The couple walks into Robby's parents house with everyone screaming with joy. I thought this was strange. Robby told Jojo to call his dad coach, but he never tells us why! During Robby's chat with his brothers he seems very sure about what will happen. Jojo then chats with Robby's mom and shares about how she's unsure if Robby's actually ready for an engagement. When Robby talks to his mom she shares that his ex-girlfriend's roommate is spreading rumors that he broke up with his ex to go on the show. After this he and Jojo have a long talk about the situation and where they stand. It doesn't seem like anything really gets resolved here. 

Hometown Date #4: Luke
Jojo and Luke started out with a little chat on a park bench. It was cute how he wouldn't tell her what they were doing for the rest of the day. He took her for a ride in his truck onto a dirt road where his family was having a picnic at their home. I'd be a little overwhelmed too if I was going  to meet his family and 50 of their closest friends for the first time. Jojo definitely seemed comfortable throughout this date, but I'm not sure if I could see her living in this lifestyle. The conversation that Luke had with his dad was very deep (how his dad knew his mom was the one). It certainly seems like Luke looks up to the relationship that his parents have. When Luke sat down with Jojo I realized how much he overuses the word like. During their chat he really opened up and shared how much he wants their relationship to work and that he's falling for her. However, he sent her off without telling her that he was falling in love with her. Something he later would share (during the rose ceremony).

Rose Ceremony:
Going into the ceremony. All four gentlemen admitted to being nervous. I did not like the shiny blue dress that Jojo strutted down the red carpet to the ceremony. This ceremony had higher stakes since she's met all of their families. The ceremony begins and Luke pulls the bachelorette aside to tell her that he's in love with her (insert an eyeroll- couldn't he have done this earlier). The episode ends with ..TO BE CONTINUED. Like ugh, are you kidding me!? 

Anyways, next week we get to see two nights of episodes. I can't wait to see what happens!

What were your thoughts on last night? Who do you think will win?


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