Thursday, July 28, 2016

Nude Nails

Last week I shared some tips to look more put together. One of the things I try to do consistently on that list is have my nails painted. This has become a new habit of mine in 2016. I have taken to painting my nails each Monday.  It all started thanks to Bachelor Mondays. When I lived at my apartment, we did  not have an upgraded cable package so I was forced to watch commercials during my weekly show.  I started painting my nails during commercial breaks to make the time go by faster.  Painting your nails while watching a two hour show is perfect because you're less likely to mess them up since you are just sitting there. 

As much as I love bright colors, I don't love bright nail polish on my fingers. I prefer a nude or pretty shade of pink.  I like the dainty feminine look that says yes I take care of my nails but I'm not here to make a statement. Plus the softer colors are easier to remove too. I usually paint on two coats followed by Essie's gel top coat. This will last me about 5-6 days, then I take the polish off, let my nails breath for a day and then paint them again.

My current nail color of the week is Essie's Fiji. I picked it up at the drugstore the other day and I absolutely adore it. It's a solid pink that adds just enough pop of color. 



  1. I love doing my nails, but I always mess them up! I can't escape without having to redo at least one. Maybe that's the perfect excuse to find a tv show to watch in real time, rather than on Netflix 😂

    xo Taylor | Positively Taylor

  2. Love nude nails! xo, sharon