Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Few of my Favorite Things

This summer there are just some things that I have been absolutely loving. I thought it would be fun to share some of them with you.  These are a few of my favorite things
(sings The Sound of Music song)

Okay, so this definitely isn't something new. But I am just even more obsessed with hydrangeas and pink peonies this summer than ever before. I love flowers so much that about once a month I buy them for myself. #Treatyourself

It's been pretty hot and humid here lately. The heat definitely surpasses my appetite. However, I know that if I don't eat anything then I will have absolutely no energy. My go to breakfast item has been smoothies. I've been using the fresh berries and homemade yogurt from the farmer's market to make a yummy breakfast. 

The Off the Shoulder Trend
I think this new trend is just absolutely adorable. The look is so fun and great for a hot day. I have an off the shoulder dress that is flowy and super comfortable. There are so many different styles of off the shoulder tops and dresses. They are super cute on al body types and can be dressed up or down. 

Running Shoes
This summer I have learned how valuable a pair of high quality running shoes can be. I started off the summer running in an old pair of cheap Nike shoes that I had gotten at the outlets a year or two ago.  Well, after several weeks of running I experienced some of the most painful shinsplints that I have ever had. In June, I worked a few weeks of overtime and used the bonus money to buy myself a pair of real running shoes. I went to my local running store where they did an evaluation of how I run and walk. After the evaluation they gave several different brands/ styles of shoes that would best suit my feet. Ever since purchasing these my shinsplints have been gone. 

Caprese Salad
Nom nom nom.
The combination of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes straight from the garden, and homegrown basil is just heavenly. Not to mention that there are so many different variations to cooking with this trio of ingredients. I enjoy a good caprese salad in the summer time. It's light and refreshing. Add a little protein and you have yourself the perfect summer meal.

Tassels + Pompoms 
These two things have both been big trends this spring and summer. I have seen them used on so many hand bags, tote bags, dresses, coverups, key chains, artwork, the list just goes on. They have an element of fun to them, which is why I think I'm such a fan. I own a dress that has tassels on it and it gives my business casual look a little fun.

Light Pink Nail Polish
Essie has so many great shades of pink nail polish out right now. I have been a fan of the lighter shades of pink. They are very feminine and give off a very clean look.  They also aren't obnoxious, so they match with most of my outfits.

In the past month I have been loving yoga more than ever. I went to a yoga in the park session a few weeks back, which has triggered my newly found obsession with yoga. I find it relaxing and simultaneously challenging. I have been using Yoga By Candace videos on youtube. I highly recommend you check out her videos if you're in search of an economically practical way of practicing.

J.Crew Boardwalk Shorts
This summer I discovered this style of shorts. They are incredibly comfortable. They are an appropriate length- not too short not too long, so I can get away with wearing them to work. They have an elastic waistband, which allow for ultimate comfort. They also have pockets! These shorts come in many solid colors and prints. I have two pairs right now, but I definitely wouldn't be opposed to adding a few more to my collection.

Fresh Fruit
I think this is a given in the summertime. Fruit is always best in the summer because it is in season. Each week my mom comes home from the farmers' markets with several different fresh fruits. Lately I have been loving blueberries, pineapples, and strawberries. I have been using them in smoothies, on top of ice-cream, in my oatmeal, and just eating them on their own as a snack.  

What are a few of your favorite things lately?


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  1. Love blueberries and smoothies... together! :) Great post! Thanks for sharing xo, sharon