Monday, August 31, 2015

What Every College Girl Should Know

A few pieces of advice I've collected, for college women, throughout my time spent in college. 
  1. You may not like your roommate, which is fine.  All you need to do is learn how to live with her.
  2. Nobody really cares where you went to high school, what clique you were in, or how many awards you won.
  3. Chances are high that you will change your major. I promise you it won't destroy your college experience.
  4. It's okay to not get straight A's.
  5. Sometimes that paper you think deserves and A+ will get a B, and it's okay life will go on.
  6. Tutoring is something that everyone uses, even the smart kids on campus.
  7. Your first semester is one of the most difficult adjustment periods you will experience, in college.
  8. You're definitely not going to stay in touch with all of your friends from high school.
  9. Speaking of high school, you might miss it sometimes and that's okay.  It's all part of the transition process. However, don't let yourself dwell on the pass and miss out on the here and now.
  10. There's a lot more to college than frat parties and football games.
  11. You don't have to drink to be social.
  12. First impressions are important, but your first thoughts about people aren't always correct.
  13. It doesn't how well you know "that girl at the party", if she's too drunk help her! After all,  if by chance that was you, your friend, or your sibling you would want someone to help you.
  14. Always charge your phone before going out. 
  15. Never go out alone.
  16. Create a budget, it's easy to spend too much.
  17. Don't send a snapchat that you wouldn't want someone to screen shot.
  18. Don't post anything on social media that you wouldn't want your grandmother to see.
  19. Sometimes you have to cry to feel better.
  20. 95% of the time crop tops are not a good look. 
  21. Have self respect.
  22. Don't change your morals because they don't match someone else's.
  23. Get dressed for class. It makes you more alert and leaves a good impression on your peers and professor.
  24. Talk to your parents! They can provide great advice and support.
  25. Take lots of pictures (You don't need to post every picture you take)!
  26. Unless you are 21, don't post pictures with alcohol in them. 
  27. Red cups are not a good look for social media posts.
  28. Get involved! 
  29. Use an agenda. They help a lot.
  30. Go to class. 
  31. Spark Notes is not going to get you too far in college. Shocker, you have to actually do your own work!
  32. Take advantage of all the opportunities your campus has.
  33. Failure is a part of life, but remember to learn from it.
  34. Try something new.
  35. It's okay to have a late night snack every once in awhile just don't make it a habit.
  36. Add the number for your campus public safety into your phone.
  37. Leggings can be worn as pants, but not for every single occasion.
  38. Pinterest is a great resource for just about everything!
  39. Stand up for what you believe in. It's okay if you have to stand alone sometimes.
  40. Splurge on something for yourself every once in awhile.
  41. A little retail therapy won't kill you.
  42. Be sure to eat a balanced diet.
  43. Be active, it's good for your physical and mental health.
  44. Balance work and play.
  45. Don't go home every weekend.
  46. Step outside your comfort zone.
  47. Take time for yourself. Your mental health is important.
  48. Take some time for reflection. It is important to realize what is and is not working for you.
  49. Be kind to everyone without letting them walk all over you.
  50. Have fun!

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  1. Awesome tips! Yes to take lots of pictures, you will be glad you did when college ends!