Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Dates

Summer is a time to connect or reconnect with people. A date doesn't have to be romantic. Dates can be with family, friends, or lovers! By this point in the summer, most college aged people, are spending the next few weeks  with friends they won't see until winter break. Meeting for an espresso at Starbucks gets old pretty quickly, so what can you do on these dates? 
Today I'm here to share with you some of my date ideas. Some of these I have done with friends and others I have done with Todd. 

Go for a hike
Find a new coffee house
Make your own sushi
Go to a museum
Grab ice cream at a homemade ice cream shop
Bake a new dessert
Craft something for your college living space
Go to the gym
Try a new fitness class
Yoga in the park
Roast marshmallows
Attend a free summer concert
Watch a movie from the 90s
Go to a movie tavern
Get your nails done
Attend a wine tasting
Play a board game
Host a dinner party and have each friend bring a different course
Go to an amusement park
Go for a swim
Spend a night in a tent in your backyard
Go to the dog park
Play cards
Try a new restaurant
Visit a beer garden
Go bowling
Happy Hour!
Rent bikes and go for a ride
Create your own specialty cocktail
Host a brunch at your house


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