Monday, August 10, 2015

Saving Money While in College

One of the things on my 101 in 1001 days list is to complete a yearly savings plan.  This is something that is difficult to accomplish when you do not have a steady income year round.  I am fortunate to only work in the summer. My parents support me during the school year as they think it is important to spend your time in college being involved and studying rather than working.  This is the yearly savings plan I would like to complete, if I had a steady job. While I may not be able to complete this plan, I have created another method to save some money.

The dollar Jar! I had an empty mason jar lying around, so I decided to use it to help me save my money. At the end of each week, I empty my wallet out of any five-dollar bills, one-dollar bills, and change.  This method seems silly, but over the course of a school year I managed to collect over $150.  It’s true that every penny counts!

What do you do to save your money?


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