Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer Detox

Back in June, my mom and I did a detox together. This time we created it ourselves. It was pretty much free sugar, dairy, and red meat. Our meals were filled with greens and protein.  The meal plan consisted of clean eating for five days.  I finally completed a five day cleanse.  This was a great way to jump-start the summer. While I did not lose more than a few pounds, I loved the way I felt when the week was over. I felt like I hit the reset button and freed my body from all the junk and toxins.
So what did I eat?

Every morning I drank water with lemon juice in it.
Every day I drank 90 ounces of water
            Breakfast:Oatmeal “cookie”
            Lunch: Veggie burger and grilled squash
            Dinner: Fish tacos with coleslaw and beans

            Breakfast: Oatmeal “cookie”
            Dinner: Chicken with steamed kale, carrots, and hummus

            Breakfast: Steel cut oats
            Lunch: Tuna, half an avocado, tomatoes and greens with honey mustard
            Dinner: Chicken, spinach, black beans, and coleslaw

            Breakfast: Steel cut oats
            Lunch: Turkey, avocado, tomato, and hummus
            Snack: Smoothie 
            Dinner: steamed kale with salmon

            Breakfast: Oatmeal “cookie”
            Lunch: Turkey, avocado, tomato, and hummus

            Dinner: California roll (sushi)


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