Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Wanderlust (n.) A strong desire to or urge to wander or travel and explore the world. 

In the midst of these cold, cloudy, gray days I have been finding myself dreaming of exploring new places both in an out of the country. I think being cooped up inside just makes me want to get out to explore. However, it's hard to just pick up and go when you have responsibilities and not enough money to go where you please.  My goal is to eventually have been to all fifty states. So far, I'm at sixteen.  I've covered most of the east coast, but I have a lot of the mid-west and west coast to still cover.  Recently my friends have been moving outside of Pennsylvania, which gives me an excuse to visit some new places.   Fun fact- I've never been outside of the United States. There are many places outside of this country that I hope to visit one day.  I'm hoping within the next year I will have my passport, which will be my first step to planning a trip outside of the U.S. 
So what's on my current travel list?

Inside the United States
Arkansas// This one sounds funny, but almost six months ago my best friend and her boyfriend moved there.  I'm anxious to get out there to explore the places that they're learning to love, and to see what the mid-west is like. This would also cross another state off of the list. 

Charleston, South Carolina// Lots of people joke that I'm a southerner trapped in a northern girl's life. I have heard nothing but fabulous remarks about this city.  Everyone who visits there seems to want to go back, which is always a great sign.  This area has a little bit of everything: great food, fun bars, beach, a little bit of history, and more. 

New York City// I've been to the city three different times, but I haven't been since I was in middle school.  After watching every season of Gossip Girl multiple times, there are a number of places in the city that I would love to visit now that I'm older.  From where I live, I could easily do a day trip or a brief weekend trip.  

Boston, Massachusetts// This is somewhere I'd like to go during the summer months..it's way too cold during the winter.  This city is filled with history and fun. 

Outside of the United States
Paris, France// I've always had an odd infatuation with anything and everything French related.  I think a lot of this stems from taking three years of french in high school.  It has been a dream of mine to visit France, especially Paris, one day.  

Bermuda// From all of the pictures I have seen, it looks so pretty here. I'm dying to travel some place where the ocean is clear. 

Ireland// I consider myself a true American mut- a mix of many different origins (Irish, Welsh, German, etc.). One of the places I know my family is from is Ireland.  I would love to visit here to see the many beautiful landscapes and embrace the culture. 

Saint Martin// Everyone I've known who has travelled here wants to never come home. It's not as touristy, but still has beautiful beaches and lots to do!

What are your recommendations for places to travel to?

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