Friday, February 10, 2017

23 Things I've Learned in 23 Years

Happy Friday! Many of you on the east coast were lucky enough to have a four day week, thanks to a small snowstorm.  Not only is today exciting because it is Friday, but it's also exciting because it's my last day being a 22 year old. Tomorrow I begin another year on the planet as I turn 23.  23 the year that, according to Blink 182, nobody likes you.  It's also the year that you become closer to 25 than 20. To kick off the birthday celebrations, I'm sharing 23 lessons I've learned in the past 23 years.

If you fill your mind with positive thoughts, then you're going to have a more positive outlook on life. 
Your mind is quite powerful. This year I've learned that filling my brain with negativity is only going to make me feel worse.

There's more to being healthy than just working out. 
This year I've started to learn more about the importance of being both physically and mentally healthy.

There's more to life after college.
College is something that you talk about for years before you actually go.  Once you're there, it is hard to picture what life will be like once you graduate. This year I learned that life after college is the same, but also a little different too. Learning to adult isn't always easy.

Take time to tell your friends and family you love. 
Life takes a lot of twists and turns. It's important to let the people you care about know how much you appreciate day they might not be around for you to tell them these things.

Family over everything. 
Don't take your gamily for granted. They are your built in support system.  They will be there for you when nobody else is.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people.
Life definitely isn't fair.  The older I get the more I see bad things happening to some of the best people I know. 

There is always more to learn.
You're never going to know everything. It's important to be open to learning new things.

The power that a jam session in your car has.
It's amazing how much better you will feel after driving around singing screaming along to your favorite songs. It will turn a bad day into a much better one. 

It's okay to stay in on a Friday night.
You don't need to go out every night of the weekend to have fun.  Staying in and hanging out with the ones you love has much more value than a night out that you probably won't remember.

Don't go out with your friends on an empty stomach.
I definitely was guilty of this too many times to count.  It's important to prepare before going out for the night.  Be sure to eat something substantial, drink lots of water, and be smart about what you are drinking..Otherwise, you're going to pay for it the next day. 

The value of a good cry.
You can't keep your feelings in 100% of the time. Sometimes you have to let it all at, and let yourself have a good cry. 

Friends will come and go.
The friendships you think will last forever might not.  If people are meant to be in your life forever, then they will. 

You don't have to have your whole life figured out in your mid twenties. 
There's still plenty of time to find your dream job, move out of your parents' house, and look put together every time you leave the house.

A regimented skin care routine will do your face wonders.
Seriously if you don't have one, then develop one A-SAP.  You'll thank me for it in a few months.  Removing your makeup before going to bed, regular facials, and washing your face daily will clear up your acne so fast. 

Don't take life or yourself to seriously.
It's so important to take time to laugh at the silly things.

Being perfect is impossible.
Confession- I'm a perfectionist. I'm slowly learning that you can't be perfect. Everyone has flaws, we just have to learn to except our own.

Life is all about balance.
Some days you'll run four miles at the gym and get those 10,000 steps on your Fitbit. Other days you'll binge watch reality TV shows while eating french fries and drinking a milkshake. And you know what... it's all going to be okay.

Love yourself.
You don't need to be full of yourself, but you do need to like yourself. If you don't like yourself, then you can't expect others to like you. 

Be a goal digger.
Set goals for yourself and work to achieve them. This helps provide you with focus and purpose in life.

Do at least one good thing for someone each day.
I try to do at least one random act of kindness each day. I like to think that helping others brings me good karma.

Treat Yourself.
It's okay to splurge on that monthly pedicure during flip-flop season, buy your favorite latte, or get an occasional massage. If you work hard, then you deserve to reward yourself.

Spending the extra time to get organized is worth it.
You'll thank yourself the next day for making your lunch the night before, for meal prepping on a Sunday afternoon, for cleaning out your closet, or keeping your room clean. The more organized you are the less stressed you'll be, if you're anything like me. 

Find reasons to be happy.
Being happy makes life much more enjoyable. It's important to find things that make you happy, especially when you're in a funk. 



  1. Love this post! Happy (early) Birthday!! I hope you have a great day!

    Ashley //

  2. I definitely agree with you about how there is always more to learn.