Friday, February 17, 2017

This Week's Top 10

1. I saw this post on homemade soft pretzels this week, and I'm dying to try it out. 

2. I thought those of you who are just as brunch obsessed would love this article on the best brunch spots in every state. I would love to make it a bucket list item to visit all of them. 

3. Were you able to score on these Lilly Pulitzer Swell bottles. Sadly, I haven't been able to find any at my local Starbucks. The good news is that on February 28th they will be viable to purchase on!

4.  On Tuesday, Todd and I made this recipe for Valentine's Day. It was quite tasty. It was great the next day as a leftover too! You can really never go wrong with Buffalo Chicken anything. 

5. This week I started a 30 day yoga challenge. So far I am loving it. It's amazing what 35 minutes of yoga can do for you after a run. 

6. How fun is this off the shoulder top? Too bad I'm on shopping hiatus. 

7. Did you see Brooke and I collaborated this week to help you style leather booties? Check it out here and here.

8. My outfit inspiration for going to my brother's first college lacrosse game tomorrow (here, here, and here)

9. Next week I actually have five full days of week between coaching, working my part time job, and substitute teaching. Adulting is starting to change from being a "stay at home daughter" to a millennial fresh out of college attempting to find a career and make money.

10. I'm planning content for the next few week and would love to hear what you want to read about! 

In case you're stopping by for the first time this week, here are my posts' from this week:

Have a fabulous weekend!

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