Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Heart Cookies

Holidays are filled with traditions and memories. I'm sure if I listed a holiday, you could recite something it reminds you of. For me, Valentine's Day reminds me of the heart shaped sugar cookies my mom used to make.  My birthday is three days before Valentine's Day, so the two "holidays" often get intertwined for me.  In the early years of school (back when parents could make sugary treats for their kids' to bring in on their birthdays) my mom would always send me to school with heart shaped sugar cookies topped with pink icing.  Needless to say, these cookies always bring back fond memories for me.  They remind me of being a kid again, happy memories, and one of the many fabulous things my mom did for me growing up. Last week, I had a day off thanks to a tiny snow storm.  I spent the day relaxing. About mid way through the day I started to get antsy, so I browsed the kitchen bookshelf and found my mom's Martha Stewart cookbook.  As I was browsing it, I remembered that my favorite cookie recipe was inside.  After surveying the recipe, the fridge, and our cabinets I decided to make the cookies. Today I thought I would share the recipe with you.  If you want to try it at home, note that it is a labor intensive recipe requiring about four hours time total. 
You can find the recipe here on Martha's website or below.

The recipe makes about 30-40 cookies.

Once you've finished baking the cookies and letting them cool, then you can begin to decorate your cookies.  I recommend using Martha Stewart's royal icing recipe.
Pro tip for icing the cookies: If you put the icing in a small snack bag and cut the tip, then you can outline the heart.  Once you outline the heart, then you can fill it in using a knife. This will make sure your icing takes the shape of your cookie rather than looking like a giant blob. See below for an example.


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