Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Classes

Next week marks the start of summer session classes.  This will be my first time taking them. As much as I've enjoyed sleeping in and having the freedom to what I please, the past two weeks, I am sort of looking forward to the start of my classes.  This may sound odd, but I enjoy learning. I find it fun when the topic is interesting.  One of my courses I have to commute to school for and the other one is online.  Another first for me, I've never taken an online course before.  I've already started to do some work for the online class since it went live a couple of days ago.  I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to be able to take summer courses: I don't have a restricting job and my family was able to afford them.

I found this super cute note taking sheet on pinterest this morning.  I thought I would share it here for the rest of my fellow summer course taking bloggers to use too!

Next week is also my first week working. I got a waitressing job at a nearby country club.  The upcoming weeks are going to be busy! 
It's back to making to do lists, scheduling my time, waking up early, and still finding time for fun and fitness!

Here's to the start of a productive summer!



  1. I know exactly what you mean about loving class. I have only 2 more weeks until I finish my first year of law school and the thought of having no class over summer is kinda weird.
    Rebeccca Elizabeth

  2. that is a cute template, and I always loved summer classes too :)

  3. So happy you like my template and that you found it on Pinterest! Good luck with summer classes and with work :)

    Stay Fabulous