Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bulletin Board Quotes

We're getting to the point in the semester where a case of the blahs is very likely.  It's that time in between seasons where it's not frigid and cold, but it's also not sunny and warm all the time either. For this reason some of tend to get stuck in a bit of a punk. The weather 100% makes a difference.  Right before Spring Break I definitely was feeling a little less motivated and was in need of a little inspiration to keep me going and get my assignments done. 

I took one night to organize my room and a little inspiration. I had an empty bulletin board/frame and decided to decorate it with a few of the many quotes I have on one of my Pinterest Boards. I picked out about ten of my favorite quotes and wrote them by hand.  I cut out notecards in different shapes before I wrote the quotes.  It was actually pretty therapeutic being able to get a little crafty.

If you need a little inspiration for your own bulletin board, check out my Pinterest Board filled with quotes.

Steps to make your own inspiration board:
Find quotes or pictures that inspire you.
Choose the surface for your inspiration board.
Choose the different papers you want to write on.
Write out all of your quotes and gather any pictures.
Place all of the items on your board.


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