Friday, March 11, 2016

Blog Because You Love It

Recently I've noticed an increasing amount of people creating personal blogs. Initially, I get excited to have peers joining the community that has helped me grow and better understand the world I live in. However after further thinking, my reaction begins to change a little bit. Despite their long Facebook posts explaining their reason for this new found hobby, I can't help but questions what the true motive behind everyone's new calling is. It just makes me wonder if blogging is becoming the new form of social media that millennials feel obligated to participate in. 

So why do I blog?
I blog because it's something I love. For me, blogging is a creative outlet that allows me to express who I am after spending hours studying (or this semester teaching). This is my fourth year blogging and I am still learning how to grow it. However, I don't blog because I feel pressure to fit in with everyone else. I began writing before it was "the cool thing" to do.  Now I'm not saying I despise those who are new to the blogging world.. I'm just saying do it because you enjoy it not because you feel obligated. 

When you blog because you love it, it takes a lot of the pressure off. You don't worry if you can't post every day, when there's an occasional typo, or when a post doesn't get as many views.  When it is something you are passionate you invest time, but it does not rule your life.  Additionally, you are able to express who you are not copy somebody else's writing style, layout, or content. 

Blogging allows me to relax after a stressful day/week. Through blogging I've developed my writing skills because college doesn't demand you to write as frequently as we should. I've also been able to meet lots of new people, connect with sisters across the country, and learn lots of new life hacks all because of blogging. 

I think if you decide to create a blog for the right reasons then it can be incredibly beneficial, but if you are just doing so as a fad, then I don't recommend it. 



  1. This is such a a wonderful post! Many people go into blogging or making YouTube videos for the intentions of making money. If you go in that way, then everything is going to feel like work and you're probably not going to enjoy it as much. Stay true to yourself and do things because you love it. Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  2. Great post girly!!!
    Blogging takes my mind off soooo many things, I love it. It's a great hobby to have and I always encourage other girls to start one

  3. I love blogging and I've come across these people, especially since I'm really new into blogging. I think blogging is a great hobby just for self expression, I would recommend blogging to everyone just because I feel like hobbies, art, and being able to express yourself has become diminished and something that the importance isn't stressed anymore.

  4. I love blogging because I like connecting with people and the process of making and photographing all my food. :) Great post!

  5. I love blogging because I get to meet new people who share the same passions as I do and give me feedback on my style, plans and dreams! Plus, I always feel this sense of pride whenever I post a nice, well-written post! :)

    Ane | Basque Prep

  6. Loved this post! You have to blog because you love it and you feel a passion for it, it's so nice to see other people finding their passions.

  7. I love seeing my friends and people I know start blogs! It's great to have an outlet for your feelings, and even if it does turn out to be a "fad" for them, I don't see anything wrong with trying something new and deciding it's not for you.

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass