Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Every winter break my dad and I complete a puzzle together. We usually do it at the kitchen table once Christmas is over.  It is something we have been doing for at least four years now.  It's a fun thing to do in the lull between Christmas and New Years.  We always begin by putting the outside edges together first, and then we conquer the middle one section at a time.  

I have always loved puzzles, even as a young girl.  I like the mental challenge it brings.  It's also convenient to be able to just walk away and take a break when the puzzle is getting too challenging. 

What kind of games do you and your families like to play?



  1. That's a very cute tradition! Happy New Year!
    Feel free to visit me back :)

  2. My Mom and my sister are big puzzlers...I generally don't have the attention span to keep puzzling with them till they're done. :P