Monday, January 25, 2016

The Organized Student: In Class Note Taking

My Advice today is on College Note taking:

Spring semester has arrived, which means it's time to start taking notes in class again.  I take a lot of notes in class.  I'd imagine all of you have done the same, if not recently then definitely at some point in your life.  Well, in case you didn't know I am an organization freak!  Needless to say my notes are pretty organized, and yes they are color coordinated too.  Everyone has their own method of note taking that works for them, so today I am going to share what works for me. 

I take notes in class,after class, and while I do my outside reading (depending on the class).  However, my approach to them is about the same.

In Class Notes:
This is what my in class notes look like.

I prefer to take these notes on my computer, then after class I go back and re-write them.  Re-writing your notes can be time consuming, but it is a great method for studying.  
  • The key to good note-taking is paying attention!
  • Use at least 2 different colored pens or pencils- I like paper mate marker pens and plain black pens.
  • Highlighters! Use them, they are really helpful!
  • Color Coordinating- I color coordinate headings, sub headings, equations, examples, and key terms. This really helps with the organization of your notes.
  • Make your notes attractive. The more attractive they are the more likely you are to look at them again.  I know this sounds really silly, but believe me it is true! (This is where colored pens and highlighters come into play)
  • If there are PowerPoints online: print them out and read them prior to class.  This will help you follow along with the lecture much easier.  With power points, I tend to take notes on the handouts in class, and then I rewrite them in my own words after class.  This provides as a nice built in review too. 
  • Use Post It notes: I use these when I have questions or to draw my attention to important things that the professor hints at, will most likely be on the exams.
  • Lined paper is perfect for classes where outlining is needed, but don't be afraid to use blank paper too this allows you to make your notes the way you want them to be, visually.
  • Date things: I always put the date at the top of my paper and if handouts are ever given in class, date them too.  This helps when you go back through everything when exam time comes.

These are my reading notes for Science.

Good luck!

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