Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Preparing for "Back to school"

 I cannot believe that there is less than a week until I begin my spring semester classes.  It seems like just a week ago the picture below was taken, but in reality it was taken over a month ago during one of my study breaks in the midst of finals week.  This will be my last spring semester as an undergraduate.  It is crazy how quickly the time goes. It seems like just a few weeks ago I was beginning spring semester of my freshman year. My preparation for spring semester is a little different than that of fall semester. I think after experiencing seven semesters of college plus two summer semesters, I am an expert when it comes to having a successful start to the semester.  The more prepared you are the easier the beginning of the semester will be. Here are some things to do to prepare for a great start to spring semester. 

Print your syllabus. 
It is helpful to print your syllabus for each of your classes. Although you can access it online at any time, I prefer to have a hard copy.  Having a hard copy allows me to write on it and make changes as they are announced.  In addition to printing the syllabus actually take time to read it.  You don't want to be surprised by any of your courses. Reading it ahead of time will also allow you to bring any questions you may have to your first class of the semester. 

Price out textbooks
Don't wait to buy your textbooks on the first day of classes from the school bookstore.  It will be too crowded and you will spend so much more money than necessary.  Write down what books you will need and then head over to slug books to see where you can purchase or rent it for the cheapest rate possible.  You'll want to purchase your books ahead of time to ensure that you have them in time for your first assignment.  There's nothing worse than starting the semester behind because you didn't get your textbook three weeks into the semester. 

Purchase school supplies. 
This is probably my favorite thing about the start of a new semester. As you probably know by now, I'm a sucker for school supplies.  Since you most likely have things left over from the Fall semester you won't have to buy as much. Personally, I have to purchase a notebook, some pens, and a new binder.  My favorite places to purchase school supplies are Target, TJ Maxx/Mashalls, and Staples.  You can even find some great deals on Amazon sometimes too.

Get back to a routine
If your winter break was anything like mine, then you had absolutely no schedule to adhere to.  This means late nights and sleeping in until I please, which might make a rough start to the semester.  It's a good idea to get back into a normal routine prior to classes starting to have a smooth transition from winter break to the first week of classes. Going to bed at a decent hour and waking up early(ish) are great steps to put you back in a somewhat normal routine.

Create a schedule for yourself
With the extra time you  have this week start creating a schedule for the semester. A schedule for success that includes how you will spend time in between classes, study, workout, make dinner, socialize, be involved, etc.  This will get you mentally prepared for the semester.

Plan out your meals
New semester new habits.  Many people are working to save money or eat healthier.  Planning out your meals for the next few weeks saves you time, money, and will allow you to eat healthier.  Chances are if you have food made, then it will save you from eating out.

Treat yourself
Do something to treat yourself one last time before the stress begins again.  This is probably the most relaxed you will be fore the next three months or so. Take advantage of the last little bit of free time you have by getting your nails done, going shopping, dining out with a friend, or get a massage.

If your spring semester has already started, then check out this post- Organize Me, Start of Spring Semester.

I hope you enjoy your last bit of time before Spring semester starts or your first week of classes!


  1. These are great pieces of advice, I know prepping for my semester was one of my favorite things to do when I was in college! For the first time I'm not, so this will be weird for me! I wish I would have planned out my meals a lot better!

  2. Creating a schedule is one of the hardest routines to get back into for me. It's definitely something I need to do to set myself up for success though! Love these tips - thanks for sharing!

    x Sarah

  3. Getting new school supplies was my favorite.
    I still do occasionally for work haha.

    xoxo, Jenny

  4. These are great tips! Pricing out textbooks ahead of time is so important. It's crazy how many students go straight for the 'new' books in the bookstore rather than checking out rental services and used options. Thinking ahead by pricing them out, let's you look at other options like Amazon and renting services as well!

  5. Such great tips I will pass along to my sister in her last semester! Thanks!

  6. I loved getting ready for a new semester! Making a schedule was always so key for me. And I still get sucked in by school supplies every semester, even though I've graduated! I don't think I'll ever stop loving new pens and notebooks <3

  7. These are great tips! I always loved getting new school supplies when I started- regardless of if I needed them or not! Back to school time is also a favorite time for me after graduation because I can find all kinds of cute goodies for my work desk. :)

  8. I love getting new school supplies! I actually get angry if I cannot print the syllabus before classes starting. These tips are great! Good luck this semester!

    Lauren | The Arizona Prepster

  9. I always loved the start of a new semester, new books, new supplies, new classes and the chance of a 4.0! I think it is exciting!

  10. Syllabuses were sooo important! I always went through and color coordinated my planner with test dates and important due dates! The start of a semester is so fun!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  11. These are great tips! I just tried going online to view the syllabuses for my classes and only one was online!