Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What's in my Bag- First Week of Classes Edition

For me, today is the second day of Spring Semester and my last day of classes for the week. One of the many perks of no Thursday or Friday classes is only having two day weeks when a holiday falls on a Monday.  Yesterday was filled with lots of friends saying, "It's my last first day of undergrad!" Unfortunately or fortunately (depends how you view it), I didn't join them in saying these words since I will be graduating next December.  

Anyways,  I always love reading posts where bloggers share what's in their bag. For some reason I just find it interesting to see what people won't leave the house without.  I also enjoy reading about the many different organizational systems people have. Which is why I thought it would be fun to share with y'all my own rendition of this featuring the first week of classes. 

The bag I like to carry with me to classes is my gray Longhchamp or my monogrammed north face backpack.  I use my Longchamp when I don't have to carry much with me, and I use my backpack when I am planning to spend a long day on campus that requires lots of books. This week is a light week, so I have been using my tote.  

Tote Bag
I got this bag for Christmas two years ago and it has certainly gotten a ton of use, which is good because of how much they cost!  This bag is large enough for a school day, a night at a friend's, a shopping spree (great for putting your purchases in it), or a day trip somewhere. I love how versatile it is and the fact that it can pass in a professional setting like when I go to field/student teaching. 

So enough of the bag, what's inside...

This is pretty self explanatory, but you need something to write on for note taking.  The first week usually requires minimal note taking, however it is good to be prepared.

I can't leave the house without this. I love technology, but I have yet to convert my entire calendar to a digital version.  There is something about being able to write with colored pens and actually cross things off that I think I will always love.

Perfect for holding the syllabus and handouts that professors give you.

Glasses and Sunglasses
Although it is really cold this week, the sun is still shining bright, which

Emergency Kit
I bring this in all of my bags. You never know what you're going to need. I usually keep lotion, hair ties, a hair clip, bobby pins, lipstick, chapstick, feminine products, hand sanitizer, gum,cough drops, and tissues.

Other things I keep in my bag: hairbrush, house keys, headphones, pepper spray, my wallet, portable phone charger, 

Pencil Case
I also carry this pretty much everywhere I go.  Inside of it you will find paperclips, sticky notes, colored pens, highlighters, pencils, washi tape, and an eraser. 

I like to use my iPad to read the syllabus and other handouts that professors don't have printed for us. I usually opt for this over my laptop when possible, except when I have to type an excessive amount of notes.

This girl gets hangry, so I always have a snack with me.  This week my choice of snacks have been chocolate covered almonds and Boom Chicka Pop popcorn.

Camelback Water Bottle  
I always carry water around with me. It's important to stay hydrated! If I have my water bottle, then I'm more  likely to drink water.

What's in your bag this week?


  1. I'm always forgetting to bring hair ties with me! I love seeing what others bring to school with them to help them get through the day!

    Lauren | The Arizona Prepster

  2. I love to hear what people carry in their bags too lol! My school bag is quite simple- just binders, agenda, pencil case, cell phone and my school swipe card, but my purse on the other hand.... much more!!

    xoxo A

  3. I feel so nosy, but I love these kinds of posts! It seems like you have everything you need to make it through the day. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I always carry a notebook and my kindle with me!


  5. I love reading these posts, too! Do you keep your emergency kit in that little Vera bag? I need to make myself one of those, that's genius! I also never go anywhere without my sunglasses. Even if it's cloudy, I make sure I have them just in case. I have the most sensitive eyes it will ruin my day if I'm caught outside without them!

    Kayla |

  6. You are so prepared! This is an awesome list, I know that my little is looking for a post like this so I'm sending them to her!

  7. Love this list! Prepared for anything!

  8. I say embrace a little extra time in college (you get to be a real adult forever but your undergrad experience is limited). I love love your bag too! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your day to day needs!

  9. I have also perfected my "emergency kit" for my bags complete with cough drops, hair ties, tinted and standard chapstick, DayQuil and Advil. Have a great semester!

  10. You are so organized! I hope you had a great first week. I need to bring snacks with me... I was so hungry in class the other day! haha

  11. That's awesome you were able to fit all those things in there! You are well prepared and organize :)! I hope its not too heavy around the shoulders! Thanks for sharing!