Monday, August 25, 2014

Hello Junior Year

Today is my first day of my junior year in college. Time really does fly.. Three years from now it could potentially be my first day of teaching in my very own classroom. Mixed feelings on that one, I'm not entirely ready to grow up yet.  This semester is going to be a very busy one for me, so I need to stay organized, driven, and healthy to  survive it.  What better way to stay focused than to create some personal goals. 

Goal setting helps me challenge myself, reminds me why I'm working so hard when I'm feeling overwhelmed, and keeps me on track when I'm slacking too. I make a lot of goals ( semester ones, monthly, weekly, and sometimes even daily ones as well). 

This semester my goals are:
One: Workout at least three times a week.
I'm determined to stay fit this year. I'm hoping to run a half marathon in the Spring, so I need to start training now in order to be prepared. Working out also makes me feel better, it's a great stress reliever.

Two: Wake up early enough to make a healthy breakfast and have time to sit down and eat it. 
Last year I formed a bad habit of sleeping too late. This meant I either set my breakfast while driving to school or I didn't eat at all... Neither of these are a good start to a productive day,

Three: Stay on top of my schoolwork- no procrastination. 
I'm a very organized person,but by mid semester I always hit a slump where I just don't feel like studying anymore. This semester I'm determined to make sure that doesn't happen. I've never made Deans List, so I'm trying to get good enough grades to do so this semester. My chrm professor told my class this morning that for every hour spent in class, we should spend 2 hours outside of class studying. This is definitely a time consuming approach but I'm going to try it out. 

Four: Keep my room clean.
Since I commute I live out of my room, rather than in it. I basically just spend time there sleeping and getting dressed. I tend to just leave my clothes and things on the floor making it really messy until the end of the week. By the time Friday comes around, just looking at my room stresses me out. This semester I'm going to out things away so that I never really have to spend much time cleaning my room.

Five: Take advantage of the opportunities the campus has to offer. 
Most college campuses have a lot to offer their students including academic resources, clubs, trips, speakers, etc. The past two years I haven't capitalized on these opportunities, so I would like to change that this fall. 

What goals do you have this semester?



  1. awesome goals :) hope it's a great year for you!

  2. Good goals, i just started my freshman year! I will be using some of these goals!