Thursday, August 28, 2014

Syllabus Week- Organizational Tips

So you have a syllabus for every class, now what do you do with this hefty stack of papers?
This is the overwhelming question that many college students are asking themselves throughout the course of this week.  Being organized, early in the semester, is very important in order to be successful throughout the entire semester.

This year I'm taking a different approach to conquering my stack of syllabi.  Considering that one syllabus is over 40 pages I did not bother to print all of mine this semester.  I am attempting to take a semi-paperless approach to navigating this semester.  I bought all ebooks and I started using a google calendar...I didn't get rid of my agenda I'm just going to use it a differently this year. 

The google calendar is great because it allows you to send your calendar to others, print it, sync it to your other devices, and so much more.  Usually, I would take each syllabus and write the dates in my agenda, but this year I took each syllabus and entered the due dates on my calendar.  I color coded each class so that I could easily tell the difference.  I think this will work better than writing due dates in my agenda because course schedules are constantly changing so this allows me to not have to white something out every so often, instead I am able to make the necessary changes online and print a new monthly calendar.

Yesterday I spent most of my free time in between classes working on this. It took a decent amount of time but it was definitely worth it. 

Each week I plan to make daily to do lists in my agenda in order to complete all of these assignments on time.

How do you manage all of your due dates and assignments?



  1. I also use Google Calendar, and it's my absolute favorite.

  2. cool idea.