Friday, August 8, 2014

Advice for college freshmen

Today is the first post in my Back To School Series. 
Looking back on my freshman year there are a lot of things I wish I would've known. Today I am sharing some of the advice I gathered throughout my first year at college.  

1.Now is the time to explore what your beliefs are, take the time to do so!
2. Use an agenda.
3. Respond to emails with a 24 hour time frame.
4. It's okay to cry.
5. Be on the best terms as possible with your roommate, living in silence is no fun!
6. It's always a better decision to get a few hours of sleep than pull an all nighter for an exam.
7. Attend home sporting events. They make a great study break and provide some social time.
8. It's okay to order that pizza you've been wanting.
9.Don't be "that freshman girl" at a party.
10. Bring your phone charger with you during the day.
11. First impressions are important, now is your time to make a good one.
12. Make goals and stick to them.
13. Be kind to every one you meet, everyone is fighting their own set of demons.
14. If there's a chance of rain, be sure to bring your rain jacket or an umbrella to class.
15. Learn how you study best earlier rather than later in your first semester.
16. Chances are someone will spill a drink on you at a party, so don't wear your best shoes/clothes out.
17. Don't buy text books from the school bookstore unless it's the only option.
18. Go to your professors office hours.
19. There is nothing wrong with a netflix binge from time to time.
20. Always hold the door open for others.
21. Don't procrastinate.
22. Try something new, break out of your comfort zone.
23. There's nothing wrong with changing our minor or major...or even the school you attend.
24. Be sure to always say thank you to everyone you encounter: the cashier, someone who holds a door open, the bus driver, the security guard, your professor, an RA, friends, etc.
25. Get involved in several organizations.
26. Be proud of where you've come from, but there's no need to brag. 
27. Don't be reckless with what you post on social media, future employers will look at it eventually. (rule of thumb: if you wouldn't want your mom or a family member seeing it, then you probably shouldn't post it)
28. Take the time to call your parents and siblings.
29. Don't drink the punch at a party, and never drink out of your cup once you've set it down.
30. Sometimes it's better to not go to class rather than show up 30 minutes late.
31. Don't be the reason your group gets a bad grade on a group project, do your fair share.
32. Do sort your laundry by color, you don't want your white shirt to be pink by the time your done doing your wash.
33. Take pictures often.
34. Don't carb load in the dining hall, try to eat some fruits and veggies too. 
35. Do your reading prior to the night before a test.
36. There's nothing wrong with being sober at a party.
37. Keep your roommate neat (even if you aren't a neat freak do it for your roommate's sanity).
38. Take a class that interests you.
39. Taking the class for an "easy A" is a good thing as long as you balance it with something that challenges you.
40. Learn how to forgive yourself.
41. Get dressed for class, don't look like you just rolled out of bed and brought your backpack with you.
42. Learn to forgive yourself, freshman year is a learning process filled with successes and mistakes.
43. Personal hygiene should always take priority.
44. Keep your room key and ID in a safe spot, and never leave your room without them.
45. Don't panic if you fail one exam, if you study hard enough you can get an A on the next one.
46. Have a good work ethic.
47. Take advantage of the free things your campus has to offer (career center, fitness classes, t-shirts, etc).
48. Make at least one friend you can depend on.
49. Silence your phone before entering class, you don't want to be that girl who's phone rings in the middle of class. 
50. Take the time to have fun! 



  1. I really love this, Im starting my first year of college on the 25th and I'm really nervous. I will be using these tips.

  2. This is such great advice! I completely agree with all of these. Can't believe I'm about to start my senior year of college!

  3. These are all really great tips. I think the best thing is to step out of your comfort zone every once and awhile and try something new, college is all about new memories and experiences.