Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Five: Happy August 1st

One: Hello August
I cannot decide if I am happy or sad to see you, such mixed feelings. I'm happy because that means fall is right around the corner, and fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love the clothing, weather, pumpkin flavored everything, apple picking, carving pumpkins, and thanksgiving festivities.  However, August is here this also means the first day of classes is right around the corner too. I'm ready to be reunited with my friends and sisters, but I am definitely not ready to back in the classroom again. 

Two: Agenda Season
Today is the first day that we can all use our Lilly agendas! The organized freak inside me gets so excited about using my agenda each year for the first time.  There is just something about filling those blank pages up that I love, of course I color code everything. This year I opted for Lilly's jumbo agenda in the Biggest Fan Print.  The previous two years my agendas were blue, so this year it was time to add a little pink to my life and switch things up a little bit. 

Three: Me Time
This summer has been incredibly busy for me.  This week was the first week since the summer started that I had a few free days to do absolutely nothing.  I loved every minute of them.  Yesterday and today I work at night, but I still have the whole day to do anything I want. I have been enjoying the relaxation time to do things for myself. Each morning I've made breakfast and browsed blogs/drafted posts for several hours before getting dressed for the day and accomplishing some sort of task from my to do list.  I love having this free time, but I am glad that I have been busy because I think it makes me appreciate down time even more.

Four: The magic number 
Four is the magic number this week.  Four is the number of stitches I have in my chin right now.  I play in a summer field hockey league, and during this week's game I got hit in the face with a stick.  Stitches are not a good look, especially when they're on your face.  I have to wear a lovely nude colored band aid on my face until I get them out and it's just such a great look, especially when paired with my all black waitressing uniform.  The good news is that in four days I will hopeful be getting them taken out!

Five: Exciting Blog News
Next week will be the start of my Back To School Series of posts.  I plan to post about college packing lists, lunch boxes, backpacks and tote bags, buying textbooks, decorating a dorm room, advice for the incoming freshman, a what's in my bag post, college fashion, sorority recruitment, and much more.  The posts will last though the entire month of August and will be posted sporadically. If you are interested in linking up for this series, send me an email ( 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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