Thursday, February 28, 2013

Organizing Tee Shirts

Organizing tee shirts can be the hardest thing, especially when your space is limited.  When I came to college I didn't bring half of the amount of tee  shirts I had.  Over the years of playing sports, attending camps, attending events, etc. I have accumulated a significant amount of tee shirts. I claim to wear them all, but we all know I have favorites.  So naturally it only made sense to bring the ones that I wear more often.  Coming to college, my tee shirt collection seems to have grown.  There are always tee shirts given out for free or sold for a minimal price, hard to resist.  With the limited storage in a dorm, it is difficult to store all of these shirts.  So I decided to go on pinterest and look up organization ideas. I came across the Perfect Pin. It gave a description of how to fold tee shirts so that more of them fit into one drawer.  
This was the picture I found on pinterest.
As you have read, I am obsessed with being organized so I'm all about this!
This is my version of organizing the tee shirts. It didn't even take much more time to fold than my normal way.

When I was finished I was able to fit forty tee shirts in my dresser drawer and only take up half of the space.  This is such a clever technique.  I highly recommend it!



  1. That's how I fold my shirts! But I feel like its hard to keep them like that!!

    1. So far so good, we'll see how long it lasts.

  2. So genius! Thanks for sharing, always need a new way to organize my every growing tee collection. Thanks for stopping by my blog, you have a new follower! xox


  3. I seriously need to organize my tees like this! xx

  4. Great way to store Cheap Tee Shirts, I will try, thank you for sharing.