Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Thank you notes

There's just something about a handwritten thank you note that truly shows sincerity and gratitude.  In today's society it is easy to send and email or a text thanking someone for visiting you, taking you to lunch, giving you a gift, or being a great friend.  However, a handwritten note thanking someone for these things has greater meaning.  

Recently I wrote thank you notes thanking people for the Christmas gifts they gave me.  I always enjoy getting handwritten notes, so I'm sure other people do too.  I think it is important to express your gratitude when possible.

My thank you notes usually consist of the following:

  1.  Dear so and so...thank them for the gift they gave you. Name the gift and be as descriptive as possible.
  2. State how you plan to use the gift. If it's money how you plan to spend or save it and why.  If it is a gift card, what you bought with it.  If it is a decoration, explain where in your home you are using it.  If it is clothing name a time when you wore it/plan to wear it.
  3. State why you are thankful for the person who gave you the gift and why.  For example, " I am so glad to have a friend like you who not only knows my sense of style but can make me laugh too!"
  4. Finish up the note thanking the person again. "Thanks again for the gifts, I truly appreciate them."
  5. Don't forget to sign your name!

I love blank note cards and thank you note cards.  I always find cute inexpensive ones at T.J. Maxx and Target.  There are lots of cute ones online too. The cuter the notecards are the more likely you will use them, well that's how it works for me anyways.



  1. I think it helps when you have stationary handy, it reminds you to write more notes.

  2. This is a great post! I think it can be a little intimidating to write thank you notes at first, but this seems very helpful.

  3. I love handwritten thank you notes. I have a million different stationary sets, and I make sure I put them all to good use anytime I feel as though I need to be thankful. Perfect post!