Sunday, February 10, 2013

Almost Nineteen..

Tomorrow is my birthday so this weekend was my "Birthday Weekend".  It was definitely a good one! Friday night my boyfriend, tDn, came down to visit me.  Saturday my parents came down and took me out to dinner.  Finally, last night I spent time with jHg and friends.  

Gifts from my parents:

They bought me the navy blue lands end vest I had put on my wish list in a previous post. AND they got it monogrammed in pink with my initials.  It is so cute.  I was so excited!

They also bought be a book on Paris.  It's about french Design, Style, & Flavors.  The photographs inside it are stunning. I can not wait for the day I get to go there. 

Gifts from tDn:

He got me an home, which I have been wanting since my old one broke this summer. 
Since I won't seem him on Valentine's Day, he also gave me my gifts.

This is one of my gifts. Chocolate

Sunday study day

Tomorrow I have a HUGE psychology exam, so the rest of my day will be spent studying in the library with my 30 pages of notes and 115 notecards..



  1. I love your highlighter colors!! Where did you get them from?

  2. Thanks! I bought them back in August at Target. However I found them on Amazon if you would like to buy them.