Monday, February 25, 2013


I've been in a blah mood all day, so I headed to the gym after classes today.  It was definitely the best choice. I needed to go to do our mandatory team lift, but once I was done with that I did five miles on the bike & a ten minute ab workout.  I feel so refreshed now both mentally and physically. 
I ate really bad this weekend, so I am trying to be better this week. I'm not concerned with my weight but I just feel better when I eat well and go to the gym.  I like to be healthy and fit

My advice to eating well:

  1. Breakfast is a must!
  2. I personally eat little and often. What I mean by this is that I eat small proportions of food and I eat about five to six times a day.  (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack)
  3. I try to eat at least four veggies a day and at least one fruit
  4. Try new things, eating at college is difficult to add variety, so I try to try at least one new thing a day.
  5. Don't indulge in sweets. I usually just eat one piece of chocolate or fruit after my meal.

What are some of your fitness and health tips?


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  1. Going to the gym always makes me feel better! My problem is finding motivation to get to the gym!