Thursday, January 24, 2013

Keeping Up With Life

As a college student, things can get pretty hectic.  In order to manage everything I have to do I try to stay really organized. 

To Do Lists:

 I am a huge list maker. Every morning I spend about 5- 10 minutes making a list of what I have to each day, and as the day goes on I usually have things to add.  Last semester I started using a notebook for my To Do lists rather than having random pieces of paper all over my desk.

This is the notebook that I write my lists in I got it at Target.

 This is what today's to do list looks like:

I write the date at the top of my list, random things I need to get done on the left side, and then school related things on the right side.  


This is another thing that helps keep me organized.  I hang this up on the side of my desk.  Here I write the dates and times of things like work, class, practice, meetings, birthdays, etc.  I find it is best to color code events so that the calendar maintains organization: work is always written in purple, class is written in orange, and meetings are written in green. 

I have a printout that looks like this one for each month in 2013. 
Click here to get your own Calendar print out: 2013 Calendar


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