Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gossip Girl

I absolutely love Gossip Girl. It is my favorite show.  During Fall Semester the last season was on TV. I convinced my friends to watch it with me every Monday night.  At first they didn't understand the show but the more they watched the more it made sense.  When I went home for winter break sQs and I watched an episode just about every other day (we managed to get through the first season and a half).  Yesterday when I came back from class, I walked in my room and found jHg watching it on Netflix. She said I've finished the first nine episodes in the first season... all today. YES! Last night I decided that I had gotten a decent amount of my work accomplished so I was going to watch a few episodes.  JH decided to join me, we watched the last two episodes on disc 6 in Season 2.  Good thing it was the last two episodes on the DVD because I'm pretty sure we would have kept watching if we didn't have to change the DVD. 

The Blair Waldorf Look:

In every episode Blair wears some sort of headband. It's a preppy look and her signature.

All this Gossip Girl talk has inspired me to start wearing my headbands again. 

Yesterday's Look

Today's look


  1. I love your headband! Visiting from the Follow Me Maybe blog hop!