Monday, February 22, 2016

Brighten Your Winter

Here we are my friends. The midst of winter seems to be here.  Now that we have had a major snow storm and several smaller ones, I am most certainly ready for some warmer brighter weather. Although the winter months were going by past, it seems that lately the winter blues have hit me.  I'm tired of the clouds, cold, snow, sleet, and dullness that winter seems to bring.  I find it hard to be motivated during this weather.  I'm craving higher temperatures, flowers blooming, blue skies, and sunny days.  I cannot wait until I can walk to class without a coat on or when I can get back to running outside rather than on the treadmill.  
Today I'm here to share some tips to help you from getting the winter blues!

Fresh Flowers
I love flowers. They brighten up any room during the dreary winter days. They also give off a fresh smell, which makes you think of spring and summer.  Flowers are a great gift to give anyone as a small pick me up. I'm the person who will even by flowers for myself after having a bad day. 

Pick Me Up Playlist
Music is definitely a mood booster. Sometimes you just need to turn the music up and dance around your room.  Spotify has a ton of great playlists for this!

Create an Inspiration Board
I absolutely love quotes. This week i decided to designate one of the bulletin boards in my room as my quote board. I wrote down some of my favorite quotes and pinned them on a board next to my bed. Every morning when I wake up and each night I read them.  They are good source of daily inspiration to keep me going. 
(more to come on this in a future post!)

Coffee Dates
I am an advocate for coffee dates. Whether it's a romantic date or a friend date, coffee shops are definitely the place to be during the winter. Luckily, there are lots of them in my area. Coffee dates are fun because they get you out of the house and chatting with a friend. 

Pinterest + Blogging
Sometimes you just need to spend hours scrolling through the never ending pins on Pinterest. There are so many bright things on this sight that inspire you.  I also love to blog.  Writing and reading blogs is a great distraction for me.  They help me find some sunshine during the cold days. 


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  1. Fresh flowers are one of my favorite ways to brighten up ANY day! Texas has has a crazy warm "winter" this year, but regardless of season, I love keeping lots and lots of bright, fresh flowers around!