Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Motivation: A Case of the Mondays

Happy Monday! 
I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I cannot believe that this was the last weekend in the month of January. This weekend was a busy but fun one. I got to spend time with my family, celebrate Todd's birthday with friends, went to a sorority workshop and attended my university's Fraternity and Sorority Life Awards (more details to come here!). After a great weekend, I was definitely not ready for Monday morning to come.  It was hard getting out of my warm comfy bed this morning to go to my 8 a.m.  After pressing the snooze button a few times,  I got out of bed and started my day.  Today wasn't so bad, even though I spent a total of eight hours in classes.  

I wanted to share today's Monday Motivation earlier in the day, but sometimes you can't just do everything you want to during the day. So here I sit watching the Bachelor in my pajama set writing today's blog post... such a great way to end a long Monday. 

Here's a little quote to keep you motivated throughout the rest of the week!
If you think your week is off to a rough start, I have a humorous story for you.  With all the snow days we have had, today I had my first class for one of my courses. I got there twenty minutes early because I was already on campus, so I sat there and scrolled through social media while waiting for the class to start. I noticed a peer sitting next to me was looking at her syllabus. As I glanced over I realized the syllabus I had printed looked nothing like that. I quickly pulled out my syllabus to realize I WAS IN THE WRONG CLASS! After laughing at myself and gathering my belongings, I got up and went next door to the class where I was supposed to be.  I walked in just as roll was being called. Hours later I'm still laughing because..
 I was that senior student who had to get up and leave because they weren't in the right class. 

I hope you all have a great week!


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