Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Deep In My Heart, I Love My ADPi

As I mentioned yesterday I've been quite busy with sorority activities. In the past month my calendar has been jam packed with sorority events.  Chapters who have recruitment in the fall are really busy at the beginning of the school year. Recruitment takes a lot of hard work: memorizing songs and chants, learning about having quality conversations in just few minute increments, purchasing the perfect outfits, and just really getting back into the whole school and not being in summer mode anymore. 

A year ago, last month, I came home to Alpha Delta Pi and became a founding sister, of the ADPi chapter on my campus.  Over the past year my chapter has faced many ups and downs, it's like a roller coaster being a founding member.  I hold a leadership position, in my chapter, which has many pros and cons. It has definitely taught me a lot about my leadership styles, weaknesses and strengths I hold, how to communicate more effectively, and has taught me how to find balance in my life.  

Joining a sorority has truly given a place to call home at school.  I have met so many awesome people both inside and out of my chapter from becoming Greek. My organization has an incredible amount of alumnae involvement, which has brought some inspirational role models into my life. I've met women who I know will be my lifelong friends.

Open House Round

Several weeks ago we completed our very first formal recruitment. Recruitment is actually one of the most bizarre things ever, but yet we sorority women pretend like it is completely normal.  Let me tell you it is not normal. I would compare it to a sports tryout, but it is so far from that between the matching outfits, chanting and singing, ratings, spending hours in shoes that hurt your feet, "getting to know" a women in the matter of a 5 minute conversation, adorable PR videos, and just the insane amount of time it takes to get your new members.   I like to refer to recruitment as a cheerleading competition meets sports tryouts and a beauty pageant. As crazy as the process is, it all works out.  Somehow women end up finding their home away from home in a chapter that best suits them.  After all, it is because of this process that I have met the wonderful women I have.

Philanthropy Night

It was very neat being on the "other side" of recruitment.  It's so different being on the recruiting side of things as opposed to the potential new member side.  It's nice to have more control and have a better understanding of how the process works.  It was nice to see my chapter's weeks worth of hard work and recruitment practices pay off. I wouldn't say it was flawless, but we definitely did an awesome job for it being our first time through.  The whole process served as a nice bonding experience my sisters and myself.

Preference Night

We had our very first official Bid Day where we welcomed home 45 new members, Alphas.  Our chapter size almost doubled, which is very exciting.  

I got a Little Diamond Sister, otherwise known as a "little" in other sororities. 

We held our first chapter retreat. 

It is safe to say that I have just survived the busiest month of my life. I am very excited to see what the rest of the year brings for my chapter!

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  1. It looks like you had so much and it looks like you really love your sorority, and that makes me so happy!

  2. Congrats on a successful first year of recruitment for your chapter! And congrats on getting your Little Diamond sister!!!

    Pi Love!

    xoxo A