Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Final Countdown to the End of Undergrad Classes

Y'all it's mid April! 
This month is exciting for me because I'm quickly approaching the end of my undergraduate career.  This semester is my last undergraduate semester taking classes. In the Fall I will be student teaching and then graduating in December.  I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone, but I am beginning to get more excited about what the future has in store for me.  It's rewarding to know that all of my hard work and long hours studying are about to pay off. While my peers are having all the feels about having to graduate in May, I'm over here enjoying the fact that I don't have to start adult life for another semester.  I have a lot of work to do before I can start worrying about getting a big girl job and all of that fun stuff. 

This month is hands down one of the most stressful months of Spring semester for all college students. It's that time of the semester again where we realize that there's less than a month left but so many assignments and exams to complete.  This is the point where any and all procrastination begins to catch up with you. At some point during this month most students have a mental breakdown over the fact that they have so much to do and so little time. There's also the struggle between wanting to soak up every last moment of the year and having to live in the library in order to get everything done.  If your lucky enough to stay organized and on top of your work all semester, then you will never experience this.  However, I'm willing to bet that the average college student experiences this frenzy at this one semester during their four(ish) years of undergrad. 

Currently, I'm somewhere in between being cool/calm/collected and a little stressed.  I've worked really hard this semester to stay on top of my work, but I have a few assignments that I have definitely put off until the end of the semester. Each semester, especially towards the end, I like to share some tips and tricks to help decrease your stress levels. If you're looking for some advice, then you can check out my Guide To College.

The Final Countdown List
I love lists (shocker!). I mean who doesn't love the satisfaction of crossing something off of that long to do list?  Making an end of the semester to do list that contains all of the assignments that you need to do, papers to complete, and exams you need to study for will help you prioritize the end of the semester tasks. 
I've shared about this list here and here, but I'll provide a brief overview in case you have no idea what I'm talking about.  First you'll want to take out all of your syllabus to figure out what assignments you have left and when they are due and then write these down on a fresh sheet of paper. The next thing you'll want to do is write down any other tasks that you need to complete (i.e: move out, clean apartment, return textbooks you rented, sell textbooks, etc.). Now that you have everything written down, it's time to organize everything into a mega list. There's a few different ways you can make your final countdown list. The first option is to write everything down in the order that you want to complete the tasks (most likely by their due date).  The second option is to split your sheet of paper into different sections so that each class has it's own section and then you can add a miscellaneous column for random things.  The second method is what I decided to go with this semester.  Each time I complete a task, I highlight it so I know it's finished.  

As the semester comes to an end, remember to treat yourself, have a little fun, work hard, and remember that no matter how stressed you feel right now it will end. 



  1. I just finished my last exam on Monday. So happy to be done this semester. Good luck!

  2. I've still got until May 20th, I'm so not looking forward to everything that I have to finish before the semester is done!


  3. In past semesters I've also made Finals to-do lists! What a relief it is after the last exam :-) Good luck with everything you're working on right now!

    xoxo A

  4. You're so close, girl! Good luck with everything! xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

  5. Good luck with the rest of your semester! Graduation is such an exciting time of year.


  6. Um.. you have the best handwriting!! And you are so so close!
    The Fashionista's Diary

  7. Omg isn't this the hardest semester. My semesters are 8 weeks long and it's my last week next week and I am stressing out 😫 Good luck :)

  8. I live off of lists! I need them to be productive!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  9. Lists are a must!! Xoxo Mindy

  10. Cheers to almost being done with undergrad! I have a similar list going right now in the form of sticky notes around my bedroom. We're almost there!

    Class Meets Couture

  11. Oh my goodness!! So much to do! But at least you have a good list. Lists are everything! Hang in there, girl.

    Sara Kate Styling

  12. So much stuff to do! But I know you'll rock it!

  13. I LOVE organization hacks!

  14. How exciting. The majority of my friends are graduating this semester, and I totally know how stressed out they are, so I feel yah! Less than a month left, good luck!