Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Organize Me: Desk for Studying

The week before Spring Break is generally referred to as Mid Term week.  While some schools might not identify the exams, papers, projects, and presentations as mid terms it is roughly the mid point in the semester.  This week and the few weeks leading up to it require a lot of studying and time spent at your desk or the library.  Regardless of where you spend your time doing your school work, it is important to have an organized space with all of the essential tools that will help you be successful. I need a very clean an organized space when studying or writing a paper, cluttered environments make me feel uncomfortable. Today I'm here to share with you what my desk has looked like the past few weeks and this week too. 

{One: Macbook/Laptop}
When studying I usually pull up all of my lecture notes, handouts, and PowerPoint on my computer. I also use it to type my handwritten notes or re-type my lecture notes. I also use my computer to create my study guides too. 

{Two: Ipad}
This year I started buying my textbooks in e-versions.  Being a commuter it is easier to have all my books in one place.  While studying I review each chapter of my text books to confirm that I know the material that we went over in lecture. I also use my IPad to play music too. 

{Three: Binder} 
This semester I decided to use one binder for all of my courses.  Each course has a divider and all of my notes and handouts are in there. My binder is essential to studying because it contains all of my handouts, syllabus, and hand-written notes. 

{Four: Post It Notes}
I love using post it notes. I use them to write small to do lists and reminders.  When studying, I write a potential test question on a post it and then place it in my notes.  I also use them, in my notes, when I am confused about a topic.  They serve as a reminder to go back and review an item for clarification. 

{Five: Pens, pencils, and highlighters}
If you couldn't tell, I like to color code everything! I generally take my notes in pen and then use a highlighter to draw attention to important items. 

{Six: Flashcards}
These are my go to when preparing for large exams.  The act of re-reading and re-writing the information helps me to remember it.  I usually mix it up with questions, vocabulary, and diagrams.  Being able to sort the flash cards into piles of what I do and do not know help me gage where I'm at. 

{Seven: Notebook}
This is the notebook I use to take notes during my lectures.  I reference it to make sure the notes I've typed are correct.  

{Eight: Agenda}
Because how I else would I keep track of all of my assignments? I use my agenda to keep track of the assignments and my schedule.  It helps keep me focused and remember deadlines.

{Nine: Water}
I got this tervis tumbler for Christmas and I am beyond obsessed with it. 
But on a serious note, I think being hydrated is really important, and having a large cup cuts down on the number of trips I take to the Brita. Staying hydrated is really important, and a glass of water can help to refresh you when you're starting to get tired of studying.  I've cut back on my caffeine (coffee) consumption this semester, so water is my new go to. 

{Ten: Glasses}
This one is pretty self explanatory, but my glasses help me see so I need them to study.  They prevent me from getting headaches and straining my eyes when studying.

Good Luck on your exams!


  1. I'm the kind of person who's desk is ALWAYS a mess so this helped me out so much! Thanks :)

    Alyssa The Runner

  2. I'm the kind of person who's desk is ALWAYS a mess so this helped me out so much! Thanks :)

    Alyssa The Runner