Thursday, January 15, 2015

Preppy Pet Lovers

For those of you who have a dog, I have the site for you.  Recently I discovered a company called Harry and Barker. They have all the essentials for dog lovers: sleep, eat, clean, walk, play, and travel. I have yet to purchase something from this site, but I have been eying up a few things for my yorkie.

This is perfect for the family room. We have a fire place that Riley loves to lay near.  This takes up less room than a dog bed does.  It comes in four different colors and the price varies depending on the size.
This is just one of the many sets of adorable dog bowls the company has to offer.

I love these collars. Riley has a collar for every season. These would be great for Summer! 



  1. Those beds are so cute, I hope they make them in XL so my pup can fit!

  2. OMG these are so cute, when I finally get a dog I will definitely be buying her stuff from here!


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