Monday, January 12, 2015

Let's Be Adventurers

 Where I live there are tons of county and state parks within a 30 minute radius.  However, I never really take the opportunity to visit them.  My parents used to take my brother and I to them when we were little, but once we started playing playing sports we stopped going.

During one of the warmer days we had a few weeks ago, Todd and I went to one of the local county parks for a hike.  It was a fun and cheap date.  Plus we were able to get some exercise too!  It was great being able to go outside and enjoy some nice weather.  During the winter we usually don't have that luxury because it is too cold and snowy. 

 Within a few minutes of our hike we found a beaver swimming in the lake. 

Todd brought his camera with us so we had a little photo shoot while we there.  Most things I do end up on my blog, so why not take a few OOTD pictures while on a hike? 

What I wore:

L.L. Bean Plaid shirt
Columbia fleece jacket
Land's End navy vest
American Eagle leggings
Bean Boots

This little adventure helped me cross number 33 off of my 101 things to do in 1001 days list

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  1. Wow what a beautiful view! So cool that you got to see some wildlife too, you don't always get much of that in the winter time.