Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer + Target

I think just about every preppy girl had a little freak out last night when the news of this went public. I know I did.  In the midst of a snowy day, this bright news brought some sunshine to my Pa life.  I've worn Lilly Pulitzer for quite some time now and I've always loved Target.  This collaboration is exciting but also leaves me with some mixed feelings.

My reactions are all over the place:

  • YAY! A store that I can purchase Lilly at without traveling too far or going online.
  • Oh no, Lilly will now be mainstream!
  • I always liked being one of the few in my area to wear Lilly and now everyone is going to be doing the same.
  • What will the quality be like?
  • I wonder how Lilly prices will fit into Target, somethings gotta give.
  • I can't wait to see all that the stores will carry!
  • I hope this won't be an online exclusive type deal.
  • I don't live in the South, will the Target stores near me even carry the collection?
  • April is the release- the perfect time to buy a bikini!

Based on the blogs I've read this morning it seems like I'm not the only one who has these mixed feelings.  What are your thoughts on the Lilly and Target collaboration?
A sneak peak from @Lillyfortarget

After doing a little bit of investigating, I've discovered a few things that I'm sure you all would love to know about:
  • The collection will launch on Sunday, April 19th
  • 250 is the magic number! That is how many pieces the line will include.  I've read that the collection will contain girl's clothing, women's and women's plus clothing, accessories, shoes for women, things for the home, beach items, travel items, and items for outdoor entertaining.
  • @Lillyfortarget is the Instagram account where you can find a sneak peak at the collection
  • @Lillyfortarget is also the official Twitter account
  • #Lillyfortarget is the hashtag- there's not much on it right now except for excited Lilly lovers.



  1. I legit couldn't be more excited! If a Target doesn't carry it near you, it's a perfect excuse to come visit me!