Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Organize Me: School Documents

The start of Spring semester is one week away for me.  I've started to prepare for the upcoming semester.  As I've talked about so many times before, I function best when I am organized. In order to prepare for an incredibly fast paced semester I am beginning to get organized.  This even includes organizing the documents on my computer.  If you are a college student, then you know how much we rely on our computers to get us through each semester.  Some of these documents can be helpful for later on and others will be useless.  Regardless, of how much I liked or disliked my classes I still keep all of my documents after each semester ends.  

So where to begin with all of these documents... I've broken it down into four easy steps for you!

One: Create a folder for each year (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior)

Two: Create a folder for each semester (Fall 2014, Spring 2014, Summer 2014 etc.)

Three: For each semester's folder create sub-sets of folders for each class you had for that semester.

Four: Take all of the documents you have and insert them into the correct folder.

 It takes a little time to put six semesters of classes into individualized folders, but it is worth the time it takes to do so. 


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