Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Love Your Curls

Recently Dove released a campaign that encourages women of all ages to love their curly hair.  As a young woman with semi-curly hair I can understand why people don't like their curly hair.  I, myself, sometimes despise the waves that my natural hair has. Straight hair is tame, reliable, shiny, sleek, and much easier to work with.  I have the luxury of having naturally wavy hair that straightens nicely thanks to the flat iron.  I use the flat iron much than I probably should, but over the years I have learned to embrace my naturally curly hair more.

 Reasons why I love my curly hair:

    • I don't have to use any heat to get those curly waves that people love
    • It doesn't take me hours to do my hair
    • I can have curly or straight hair by choice
    • It's easy- all I need is a little product and I'm good for the day
    • Curly hair is unique- nobody's natural curls are identical to the woman next to her
    • The texture makes it easier to have a variety of hair styles
    • In the Summer I don't have to work hard to get that wavy beach hair

    If you haven't watched this video yet, then I highly recommend it.

    Why do you love your curly hair?



    1. My hair is pin straight so I'm always envious of girls with pretty curls and waves and yours is no exception!

    2. Love this post! I hated my natural curls when I was younger and now love them.