Thursday, April 18, 2013

Relay Week post #3

Two more days until my Relay For Life event! 
Goal: $500
Money raised: $457

One of the fun things about Relay For Life is that it has added a decent number of shirts to my t-shirt collection.  For those of you who know me, know that I am all about tee shirts.  I have a huge collection of them.  
This was the first shirt to be added to my relay for life tee shirt collection.  We have been giving these shirts out all year.  Technically they are "free".  Once you raise $20 you get one of these shirts.  I think the reasons to relay are pretty comical.

This shirt was from the PINK OUT we had this fall.  The relay committee teamed up with the men's and women's soccer teams to raise money for breast cancer awareness.  Before the games we hosted a tailgate for parents and students by supplying them with pink lemonade and fun games like bra pong.  The players all wore these shirts for warm ups.  Parents of the two teams and members of the relay committee bought this shirts for $5.  This was one of the first fundraisers we did this year to kick off relay.

 Dining services, at the college, has a relay team.  They sold these purple shirts for $10.  I couldn't resist buying one.  After all it does go towards a great cause and the saying on it is just so clever.
 This blue shirt is what my relay/field hockey team will be wearing the night of the event.  One of the upperclassmen on the team designed it, and coach bought them for all of us. Score- another free shirt! 
 I love the color of this tangerine shirt.  This is the shirt that every committee member got this year.  Our whole committee wore them all day yesterday. It was a great publicity push to get people to ask us questions about the details for the event this Saturday!

This is the newest shirt that I had added to my collection. I got it last night, for free! We have a huge rivalry with Salisbury University.  Each year there is a big event, War On The Shore, where our lacrosse team plays SU.  This year we hosted the game.  (More details to come in a later post) All of the students go to the game, so we used it as a push for publicity for Relay.  We asked students questions about Relay For Life and if they answered correctly they got one of these shirts.



  1. I went to Salisbury! How did you guys do at War on the Shore this year?

    I love those shirts. I really miss doing college relay stuff; it always provided a sense of teamwork and it is such an amazing cause.

    1. We hosted it this year and won 7-6! It was a great game!

  2. I have a toooonnnnn of t-shirts! My university loves to give them out at any chance they get. :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK