Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Acts of Kindness

This morning while looking online I came across this article.  It talks about kind acts that people are doing to help those in despair due to yesterday's tragedy. It is nice to know that there are still good people in the world, especially at times like these. 

Volunteer More:

With the busy lifestyles that everybody is living right now, I feel that people are getting to caught up in themselves and forget to donate some time to helping others (volunteering).   Since coming to college, I have become incredibly involved with my campus' college kids against cancer group, also known as the relay for life committee.  Cancer has impacted my life greatly.  I, like most people, have lost numerous loved ones to cancer.  It is an awful medical condition with no cure.  The non profit organization, Relay For Life, works to raise funds to support cancer research and funds other resources to help patients that are fighting the battle.  

Relay Week:

This week is "Relay Week" at my college.  It is the week leading up to our Relay For Life event.  The event is on Saturday from 6 pm until Sunday at 6am.  Our goal is to raise $65,000 as a school.  My personal goal is to raise $500.  Right now I have $402, so I only need $98 to reach my goal.  I am so excited for the actual event I think it is going to be emotional but also a ton of fun too.  I am participating with my field hockey team. If you want to make a donation to my fund, Click here!

In honor of relay week, my blog posts are going to be a bit different this week.  I am going to post something relay related each day.  I hope you all don't mind!

Paint it Purple:

This past Sunday we painted the campus "purple" with relay decor. Here are a few pictures of what the campus looks like now.

Outside of the dining hall we placed 1,500 small purple flags in the grass to represent the 1,500 Americans that die each day from cancer. 
Even George is ready for relay!

Stay tuned for more relay updates this week.

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