Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The 307 Tour (dorm life)

Hello everyone. Happy Wednesday! This week is over half way over, yay!  This semester is starting to wind down I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, summer is coming. in sixteen days I will be moved out completely, done with all of my finals, and I will have survived my freshman year of college. Since this year is pretty much over I thought I would show you all my dorm, room 307, before I start to pack up.
This is what my room looked like when I first moved in.  Let me tell you I just about cried seeing how small it was. 

Before going to college my mission was to make sure my room at college didn't look like a dorm room. Needless to say, I spent a significant amount of time on  pinterest searching for ideas to make my room look homey.  Well, I think I accomplished this, but I will let you all be the ones to judge this.  

 Each three shelf organizational bin holds our dishes and snacks.  The TV stand is convenient because it serves an organizational purpose as well. With limited space, any extra storage is incredibly helpful.
 This is my bed  and desk.  To the left you can see my motivational wall that I talked about in an earlier post.  For my bed I use an egg crate and a feather bed.  They make a huge difference.  I actually think my bed at school is more comfortable than my bed at home because of these two items.  I have two sets of sheets one is pink the other is blue.  My comforter came from pottery barn.  Most school recommend buying an extra long twin comforter, but I have managed to get away with a normal twin and it is plenty big enough. My duvet cover came from pottery barn as well.  I got all of my bedding on sale last summer at the Pottery Barn outlet. 
 This three shelved organizational bin is so helpful.  I did a pinterest trick for this and mod podged scrap booking paper to the front, so that you can see what is inside of my drawers. 
 My bed is on the left side and jHg's bed is on the right side.  Since our room is so tiny we had to loft our beds.
 These lights add a great touch to the room.  They were $10 at the Christmas Tree Shop.  Jenn and her sister painted our initials. 
 This is my dresser. I try to keep it really organized. 

 Here is another view of our room. As you can see we have a lot of picture collages.

 We are fortunate to have a huge closer.  This is just my side of it!
 Organizational bins are great for college. I use this to hold all of my hair things

 I cut out our names and pasted them on black rectangles, and since my mom is a teacher we were able to get these laminated.  They are hanging over my bed. This was another pinterest inspired aspect of our room.
This hangs to the right of my desk.  It has been so useful!  I made it, thanks to inspiration from pinterest.

So that was the tour of my room.  I hope you enjoyed it!  


  1. you did such a good job with your room! let me tell you my freshman dorm was even smaller! Its amazing that they expect girls to come in and inhabit such a small space! love what you did with the scrapbook paper and those drawers, very smart

    The Preppy Student

  2. Ahhh Miss mQs your dorm is super cute!! I sadly didn't have the same decorating experience this year. My school planned so many events within the first couple days at school that I never even got officially "unpacked" until probably weeks after being at school, haha. I had a couple things up on my walls, but I'm already looking at cute decorating ideas for next year's dorm! This was a great post! I might do a similar one although I don't have as much to show. ;-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

    P.S. Good luck on your finals!! Isn't it exciting to be almost done with freshman year?

    1. Since I play a fall sport I had to come a week earlier than the rest of campus. But this didn't give me any extra time to decorate. I had about an hour to move in and set everything up before I had to go to a team meeting. During that week my only free time was spent eating or sleeping. Needless to say, getting our room to be the way it currently is was a long process.

      and thank you good luck to you too!

  3. This looks so cute! I love the three drawer organizer with the scrap paper in it. I might do something like that with mine. It looks so much better! Good luck on finals!

  4. Good job with it. At least they provide you with lofting materials and a ladder. My freshman year I had to loft mine, had to buy the wood and pay for someone to build it....

    1. The materials for lofting (bed, book shelf, desk, dresser, and ladder) were all the things in the room. We had to keep them in here all year so we didn't really have another option.

  5. This is such a great post for the college link up! Thanks so much for sharing it! I love the goals lists. I might do something similar this year! And those lights! They give such an enchanting touch to your room. Loving it!

    xo, gina